Is he the next Ayatollah Borqei? Allama Sayed Ali Sharafuddin Moosavi Aliabadi

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Shia scholar from Pakistan Allama Sayed Ali Sharafuddin Moosavi Aliabadi explains why he defends the second rightly guided Caliph.

Why do you defend Caliphs especially Omar bin Khattab

"Why I defend them,the answer of this question is clear that when my insight was enlightened, and as a result I came to know that on the pretext of Ahlulbayt we were deceived to follow the Qaddahiyah ahlulbayt,and the name of real Ahlulbayt was using for the revival of polytheists's idol worship,and in the name of Deen of Muhammad new heresies and rubbish were propagating,henceforward I was sure that all what was attributed to Omar bin Khattab were forgeries and fictions.He was guiltless, innocent, and downtrodden/oppressed.And it is my duty to defend and favour the oppressed one,so that on the bases of these baseless forgeries Ummah of Muhammad are fierce enemies of each other,by revealing the fact we would be able to eliminate this enmity."

Allama Syed Ali Sharfuddin Moussavi Baltistani
Book: The period of Right Guidance,pg 93

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