New ex-Shia takes on Shiachat!

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Re: New ex-Shia takes on Shiachat!
« Reply #20 on: October 31, 2017, 11:36:18 AM »
Typical shitites they will insult or let prophet saw's wife be insulted and will give you likes.......astaghfirullah

But when you say "your scholars are top dogs"........they SUSPEND you????

They must have an inferior sect complex or something.

These are REAL NAWASIB lol.......they shitites will defend their own wives no matter what......but......prophet saw's wife??????......A big fat NO!!!!

Seriously when has a sunni ever said any thing negative on the characters or lives of ahlubaith ra???.....WHEN???.... for if they did they will get a bashed for it on many levels and not just academically, but.......SHITITES DO, they call names to wives of the prophet saw.......THE AHLEBAITH OF PROPHET SAW!!!!

Quran they shittites believe is changed, astaghfirullah it has tehreef, they are even confused as to what their scholars believe.

YET..........they will insult the character and life of a Sahaba ra who compiled the Quran we read today...........but.........wil defend the Shitite scholar that believes it's not all from Allah swt?????

That is what you call STUPIDITY, NONSENSE, SLOW WITTEDNESS, there brains have deficiencies in understanding hence they cannot answer the brother shitchat.

The sunni lion has left  and now the usual shitite rats are crawling back in with their mighty fingers ready on the keyboard😂😂😂

Your post is full of literacy amd maturity. You sound like someone with PHD language. LOL.

LOL .......and you still haven't found divinity imarmite concept or idea from Quran.

That's more of a problem for you than any PhD language I may know.

Good need it to find that LINK to the Quran.

Just like evolutionists are trying to join dots and looking for that missing link.......we have you and your sect doing the same since 1400 years ago, look at your PhD explanations of ayahs, that's more of a joke if anything.

Lol. I've already mentioned it and it's been discussed many times over. If your brain doesn't want to accept it then it's not my fault or concern.

And here it is just for you and for your eyes only. We follow the two weighty things, 1 the Qoran. 2 the progeny. We have the book of principles, rules and regulations and the governors, teachers and the guides.

The verse of Tat'heer tells and explains it all. Muslims especially the Sahaba held on to the book and absolutely disregarded and dishonoured the progeny.

It's since and because of Saqifa that the Muslims have been divided and in an absolute mess till now. Take a good look at Khilafat, where did it get? What did it lead to and where is it now?

Wake up and out of this arrogance and stubbornness.

90% of the total Muslim population doesn't understand you the fault is within your own brain.....something that just doesn't add up or make sense that's logic for you.

You may think you follow Quran but your main pillar's not are you sure you are following Quran?
You follow the progeny in the belief they are supermen and they are divine, without any shred of evidence.

Verse tatheer as has been explained for the last millennia, doesn't represent divine imarmite's just in your head that hidden divine meaning thingy.

Ps. We Muslims follow Quran and sunnah and we love and respect the itrah of prophet saw as our hadiths explain.
Prophet saw NEVER said follow my family after me.

Nothing wrong with shura it's a blessing from Allah swt, it was implemented and Islam spread from the early stages especially the second khalif Umar ra, he expanded the Muslim empire very far and wide, they were successful in spreading the dawah, look at us Pakistani Muslim thousands of miles away and yet thanks to their leadership their role we are forever thankful to Allah swt for spreading the nur of Islam throughout the world, all thanks to the process of choosing a leader through shura.

Do remind us when divine imarmite leadership EVER ruled??
What Islam they spread?
Which areas they ruled?
What's their stance in world history?
Finally......what have writers and intellectuals etc wrote about the history of divine imarmite leadership?, if it was EVER implemented.

Arrogance LOL stubbornness LOL
Please please do wake up from your slumber and join the real world with no fairytale hidden beings with power to hear or beings controlling atoms.


Re: New ex-Shia takes on Shiachat!
« Reply #21 on: October 31, 2017, 03:41:36 PM »
no Shia Muslim in this world will leave Islam and go to wahabi the jews sect you guys are not sunnis


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