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Sister Sahar from Ummah
« on: November 30, 2015, 11:10:54 PM »
I left shia Islam along with my husband because

1. There is (not always but usually) the dua of tawassul. Or basically, it is a dua of hajat in the form of intercession from the ahlul bayt (pbu them) and prophet muhammad.
I used to read it and cry and make dua. But then I realized one day, this doesnt make sense. Yes, I love my prophet and his entire household. But, only Allah can forgive me, help me and answer me. My heart felt it was wrong. There was no bad intention as I know almost every shia too has no bad intention but I felt like it was just ritualistic and not right.

2. The Quran & Allah swt tells us to hold to the rope of Islam and not divide into sects and disunite. I felt shia (and sunni) are so overtly attached to being in a sect like its a cult. For shia, the whole obsession with certain rituals and imams and with sunni, too, many times obsession with sahaba and bludgering shia or any other sect.

I decided I am a Muslim. I accept all any sahaba and any good Muslim of the past. Ridiculing any Muslim dead is a sin. I follow the Quran and my beloved prophet and any authentic hadith with research so as long as it matches Islam, the Quran and what is morally just.

You could have called me a Muslim by name years ago. I did not pray all 5 prayers and only went to the masjid for celebrations. I had Allah wall plaques everywhere and regurgitated Shia slogans, chants and thought I was a Muslim.

But I was and still am. I changed and realized people who are just MUslim by "name" have the potential to repent and become what you and I deem as qualitative Muslims.

At the end of the day, perhaps the person who thinks they are not a Muslim, but only by name is the person who is accepted by Allah and the one following Islam does not see the light of Jannah. It is not our deeds that get us entirely to Jannah but how Allah sees fit.

No, I am not Shia.
I was born and raised shia. I used to argue back and forth with my sunni friends and other sects until I started learning from an Imam who says it is wrong to divide Muslims by these names and groups. We are not Christians.

Any who, I also did not like that Shia ask prophets, imams etc to intercede to Allah. Or that some of the rituals are borderline pagan and they put more love towards the imams/followers than Allah alone.

BASICALLY, I didnt agree with a lot of Shiaism. But I do not classify myself as a Sunni either.

Khwahar aziz, Shuma kh waqt daashten, een site raa beebeen! Mashallah een beradarha khayli fahmeeda hastan bh deenyaat az Ummah Forum.


Re: Sister Sahar from Ummah
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2015, 12:41:57 PM »

I do think the current obsession of many of us Sunnis with "bludgering Shias" is unhealthy, first of all because we become like football hooligans ("Real Madrid is the best, whether they win or lose"), and secondly the core issues at the root of the disagreement are only a few [no more than 5 or 6, really, and that's pushing it], and we do not oppose the Shias any more than other wrong ideologies wherever the abstract problems may be found.

Besides, one will find out after many debates that most people are in fact not capable of conceptualizing the core issues and how they relate to disagreements and where one can debate or not debate, so most simply fall back to "football hooligan" mode, since it is easy and requires little thinking.


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