A brief proof why God does not have diverse attributes.

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A brief proof why God does not have diverse attributes.
« on: January 16, 2022, 01:39:00 PM »
When it is acknowledged God is the Ultimate being, it can be proven that God is One with no divisions.

God has attributes that differ from one another from our perspective. But what I mean this, is God is Ultimate essence in which there is no diversity in his essence nor divisions in his attributes, that is to say his attributes refer to the same essence and he is a complete simple unity.

One reason this can be inferred by us lowly creatures, is simply, that if he had diverse attributes, different attributes would lack what is in the other. Then God would be formed of incomplete attributes. We would say God is over all perfect with incomplete attributes, but this would be equating God and putting on par with him incomplete attributes.

God is also Ultimate Life and for love to be ultimate, it must be that God is ultimate love which is ultimate power which is ultimate sight which is ultimate wisdom which is ultimate justice etc.

Now some attributes differ in God in that wrath differs from mercy, and mercy precedes God's wrath, but in reality, this is just application of God with respect to different things. There is no difference, it's the same essence but applied to different scenarios. They differ vastly from our perspective, but are in reality, manifesting the same glory and beauty.

To see diversity in his essence, would make God formed of imperfect attributes and hence God is One with no divisions in his essence. A single essence.

Of course that essence is also something that is filled with all possible glory, beauties, and greatness, and so lacks nothing.
By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the travels in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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