My 3 days with Nabi (a) and the prayer he taught me.

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My 3 days with Nabi (a) and the prayer he taught me.
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There is a significant group of Shiites that are also against Tawasul, particularly about directly talking to Mohammad (s) and his family (a).

There was a point when I sort of came back to Islam, but I had a lot of doubts.

I said what if sorcery upon Quran is from sorcerers because they know Mohammad (S) and his family (a) would rule the world but we would lose our freedoms and it would be a dark age. As I noticed there was sorcery upon Quran, this was the main reason I came back to Islam and so the counter arguments were always bothering me. This is an example of a doubt I had.

Anyways, I was unsure, about Tawasul as well. But I took a leap of faith and performed a Ziyarat of Nabi (a) not as his grave but from my house. We say "peace be upon you O Prophet" in Salah, but for some reason I didn't think we can ask for intercession and for him to ask forgiveness for us, because of the Wahabi propaganda that has also poisoned a lot of Shiites to doubt our resources from Ahlulbayt (a) teaching Tawasul.

Anyways, that night I slept for no more then 7 hours for sure, but I experienced what felt like a 3 day time period with Mohammad (s).

To give a background, I had NOTHING GOING in my life, nothing. School was nothing, hardly any of it done and no computer science courses done except a discrete math course of it.

I wanted to go back to school but in my head, I was going to probably not do well or drop courses or fail.

When I entered my dream, I appeared in a dimension hard to explain. But I was told to recite surah Falaq by Mohammad (s), and then unveiled enemies.

He showed me how to freeze them and then attack them with "the name of God", the main emphasis of Nabi (a) was how to recite the "by the name of God..."

Then came harder enemies, some that would freeze me, and he would say, say "by the name of God..." (and to end of Surah Falaq) and I would have to say it in my heart, because my tongue was frozen, my body frozen, but it would unfreeze me then I would attack.

What was noticeable while I saw and heard the Nabi (a), they didn't.

I kept on going and going, one level of enemies, and then another.

Different types of skills, include, speed array of arrows from light, was taught to fight them, all by Surah Falaq by the Nabi (s).

Then near the end, the Nabi (s) said recite this and half of it was Arabic and half of it English and it was because it was Telepathic the communication and I realized it was fully telepathic whole time.

I recite the prayer in Arabic now.. but I will say it English here except the word Welayat which is ambigous in English but just means a relationship that the context shows what it is:

"O Who's Welayat over Mohammad (s) is not like Mohammad's (s) Welayat over believers, and made Ali's (a) Welayat over believers like that of Mohammad's (s), help me against the Satan a mighty help"

Then he unveiled Imam Mahdi (a) to me, and Prophet (s) showed me to say it very humbly and very desperately:

"O father of help/rain (ghayth) (this was in Arabic, I had to look up with Al-Ghayth meant after) help me"

Then he made turn my addressment to God and say:

"By your compassion/mercy oh most merciful/compassionate of the compassionates/merciful"

I told my social worker at the hospital about this vision. I think she said it perhaps is a sign, she worked with it. She didn't dismiss it but didn't emphasize on it either.

Anyways, I went back to school, and got the highest mark in comp sci course I took first. Then 2nd term, 3rd highest mark in class, and so I began to build confidence.

I know if I didn't resort to dark sins after, I would be finished my computer science degree now.

But inshallah, I repent, and finish my degree (not much left).

This has given me so much clarity - to Quran and Sunnah as well. I understand Ghadeer speech very clearly and how Quran has used the Words Wali, Awliya, and Mawla from how Prophet (s) taught me how to reach out to God and Imam Mahdi (a).

Anyways, believe me, don't believe me, doesn't matter, I thought it was time I share this story in detail.
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By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


Re: My 3 days with Nabi (a) and the prayer he taught me.
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What a load of RUBBISH about time you went and saw a shrink Dimwit


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