Am I considered Muslim or heretic (please answer Shiites especially)

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I wrote this another thread:

I put Islam but most Muslims including the beloved Shiite Twelver believers I love (may God help them, bless them, and protect them from the fire) will not consider me in Islam if they hear my beliefs.

This includes:
(1) God innovates his will in real time (future is not known nor fate decided eternally)
(2) That the whole world was created by Ahlulbayt (exalted ones in the Torah they are called) and they took rest on the 7th day while God does not take rest, but before all that, we were tested in a world of just souls (nothing else but that), and he saw Ahlulbayt (a) to the best, and then 14 000 years summoned them in a world together of light, and then called others through them (other chosen Ahlulbayts (the Prophets and Messenger and chosen ladies of light like Sarah and the two Marys and Fatima)) got their rank and were chosen because of their to the first house enjoined for mankind (Ahlulbayt of Mohammad).
(3) The highest emanation of creating the world right now and the holders of the throne and commanders of Angels, are not Arch Angels (the 4 main ones), but rather Mohammad (s) and his family (a), and in the past, it was the family of Musa (a) and Harun (a) who Jesus (a) was the last one to come the world of, and before that the family of Ibrahim and Lut and Ismail and Isaac and Jacob and the branches of Ibrahim (for example Joseph) (peace on all of them), and before that others... going back to Adam (a) and his family (a).
(4) There is a shadow world of Iblis outside the light of God and then there is God's light, and we are caught in between both worlds, but also are in one of them over the other, and Iblis has ALOT OF POWER OVER US THROUGH MAGIC OF HIS FORCES IN THIS WORLD IF AND ONLY IF WE SIN AND DON'T TAKE REFUGE BY THE NAME OF GOD. Both worlds are real, the magic and realm of Iblis and his Jinn are real. And Jinns are of various worlds, but they all have come to Ahlulbayt (a) and follow them to become Angels and to do that, they have to seek lowering themselves to the Ahlulbayt (a) and pray for their followers and curse their enemies.
(5) This is to the extent, I believe most of humanity including Shiites, can't see the clear meaning of Quran, but are under a shadow spell and this includes almost if not all Shiite scholars that we held on to from the past till now.
(6)I reject Taqlid but rather only allow partial use of it (when one doesn't know but not to settle for ignorance).
(7)I believe not seeing God's beautiful light in this world will mean you are blind to it in the next world, no matter how prayers you did, hajj, etc, it won't count for anything if your deeds weren't lit enough with light to make you come to God and his doors - the Ahlulbayt (A).
(8)Most of Oneness argument of Quran, is about believing in the power of Mohammad (s) emanating from God and that God would not give him such power nor the Angels nor the Prophets in general, nor give the universe to a household visited by Angels, that are either deceivers or liars or themselves possessed by higher beings, and so Oneness of God is directly linked to see the sky family (Mohammad's family in this time) and connected to these missiles against Iblis forces and lights of that God made beautiful and an adornment in the eyes of the beholders, and to see them blessed by God and that sustenance is holy and from God in them.
(9)Intercession of these highest people only happens by God's permission, they help souls only by God's permission, they guide souls only by God's command and permission, and every Ahlulbayt (a) always prays that they be leaders to the Mutaqeen and these servants of God will come to us in many forms of light including in our hands and feet (they are everywhere) through their aura which is the seat of God which encompasses the whole universe, and help us if we have Taqwa for sure, but if we lack it, we can seek their help to become sure, have patience, and Taqwa and so I really believe in seeking God's help through them and talking to them and asking them to help us and intercede along with asking God to permit them when asking them.
(10)I believe God's close Angels and chosen Angels are protected from going astray, but not all Angels are God's Angels, but rather, Angels means the very good of the Jinn. So God's Angels are chosen from the Angels (good jinn) and Jinns who are not Angels, some of them are Satanic (rebels and outcasts), others are just confused and can be guided.
(11) I believe everything can submit to God willingly or unwillingly, and if the latter they are evil and and if the former, they are good. So I believe even atoms, insects, animals, all choose between good and evil. It's not just humans and Jinn making the choice.
(12) The tree of life Adam (a) was tested with is Mohammad (s) and his family (a).

Some of these beliefs some Muslims accept, others almost all reject, and number 3 and 1 is something probably very few would accept (I don't know any that do) and 3 and 1 probably get a lot of people calling me heretic for it.
By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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