Baghdad Locals Fear Shiite-On-Shiite Violence As Alliance Fractures

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Salam Alaykum,

Seems like violence is just a way of life when a country is destroyed like Iraq was, this showing a new fissure and perhaps even more violence on the horizon:


The 12er Shia government has looted their own 12er Shia population. They deceived the 12ers by showing how being Shia would solve the problem, but then did nothing. In fact, even Sadaam who ruled over Iraq, although he had oppressed and killed the 12er Shia population, he still invested way more into the country than the current government.


Salam alaykum,

I remember reading somewhere, when the recent fighting took place between Kurds and Turkmen Shiites/ their Iranian allies, even some of the Kurds (who as we know are quite secular, far far away from religion generally speaking) complaining that Saddam would leave you alone if you did not get involved in trying to topple him or set up your own thing, but these Twelvers want to take your life, your family's life, and your land just because you exist.

PS: Seems to give a good reason why ISIS or any group like it would have a fresh supply of life-blood all the time (they can adopt "Saddamist" tactics and they will receive enough local support).


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