Fake quote attributed to Khomeini in Tahrir al-Wasilah (Zoophilia)

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Assalam alaikum

Brothers and sisters

Actually this quote is related to sex with animals (Bestiality). It goes as follows:

"A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, however selling the meat to the next door village should be fine."

It was found in many anti-Islamic sites..
I also found it in wikipedia with this reference:
 From Khomeini's book, "Tahrirolvasyleh", fourth volume, Darol Elm, Qom, Iran, 1990 "
Others on facebook give it another reference p253

I made a simple google search and that's the real quote:

مسألة 22 - مما يوجب حرمة الحيوان المحلل بالأصل أن يطأه الانسان قبلا أو دبراء وإن لم ينزل، صغيرا كان الواطئ أو كبيرا، عالما كان أو جاهلا، مختارا كان أو مكرها، فحلا كان الموطوء أو أنثى، فيحرم بذلك لحمه ولحم نسله التجدد بعد الوطء على الأقوى في نسل الأنثى وعلى الأحوط في نسل الذكر، وكذا لبنهما وصوفهما وشعرهما، والظاهر أن الحكم مختص بالبهيمة ولا يجري في وطء سائر الحيوانات لا فيها ولا في نسلها.
مسألة 23 - الحيوان الموطوء إن كان مما يراد أكله كالشاة والبقرة والناقلة يجب أن يذبح ثم يحرق ويغرم الوطئ قيمته لمالكه إن كان غير المالك، وإن كان مما يراد ظهره حملا أو ركوبا وليس يعتاد أكله كالحمار والبلغ والفرس أخرج من المحل الذي فعل به إلى بلد آخر فيباع فيه، فيعطى ثمنه للواطئ، ويغرم قيمته إن كان غير المالك.

"Issue 22 – An originally lawful/halal animal would be forbidden/haram if a human being has sexual intercourse with it, from the front or the back, even if he does not ejaculate, whether the doer of the sexual act is a minor or a mature person, knowing or ignorant, choosing (to do it) or compelled, whether the (animal) is a steed (male) or female, then by that its meat and the meat of it offspring after the intercourse upon the strongest (view) regarding the offspring of the female and upon the most precautious with regards to the offspring of the male. Likewise is their milk, their wool, and their hair. And what is apparent is that the ruling is specific to the beast (bahima) and does not apply to intercourse with the rest of the animals, not in it and not in its offspring.

Issue 23 – The animal which has had sexual intercourse done upon it, if it of (a type) that one wants to eat, like a sheep, or a cow, or a camel, then it must be slaughtered and burt, and the doer of the sexual act is fined its value to its owner if he was not the owner. And if it is of (a type) that one wants to (use) its back to carry (i.e. a beast of burden) or to ride, and its eating is not customary, like the donkey and the mule and the horse, it is taken out of spot in which it was done to another place and sold in it. So its price is given for the doer of the sexual act and he is fined its value if he was not the owner"

And Allah knows best!
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