Judgement (argument against Atheism)

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Judgement (argument against Atheism)
« on: January 05, 2017, 04:04:26 AM »
Let us focus on this word judgment.   Is judgment part of the human experience or not? It is.   But ultimately, who's judgment truly defines who we are?

One case is that it's our judgment. But our judgment is not absolute and can be very misguided.  Not only that, but as Atheists always argue, there is no universality in the apparent judgment of humanity. That is we appear to differ with our judgment.

At the same time if you take away judgment from who we are, than we neither can be praised for any of our states in time for any length nor condemned for any of our states in time with no length.

I argue we know we exist and we know judgment is part of our definition of who we are. But judgment requires perception of who we are, at the same time, we neither fully perceive ourselves nor is our judgment accurate and absolute.

We don't fully perceive ourselves and our value. This is obvious as no human believes every single human judgment of who they are is exactly who they are. Sure people can know themselves best because they have experience of their states better then others, but we know we aren't that which defines judgment neither do we fully perceive ourselves.

Now take the opposite stance, suppose we do fully perceive ourselves and have objective judgment. Why is that perception accurate and where did this accurate judgment come from.

In both cases, it points to a source to us that maintains what we earned through our actions and gives us value with truth. This is true in both cases, whether, we fully perceive ourselves or we don't. Whether our judgment is accurate or not.

In the case it's not, we know only perfect accurate judgment can define us. Upon further though, if we have accurate vision of ourselves and accurate judgment, it has to be through being in line with this judgment and perception. But as we grow in perception and become wiser, our judgment also changes and grows.

This shows those who judgment in line with God, to so from a limited light perception of him from his illumination and judgment, but it's not the absolute judgment, because we consistently can grow in it.

Judgment is part of humanity. Every time you get angry at behaviour, even call someone a "cunt" or whatever, you are judging them. The truth is we don't accurate judge each other, but our judgment is part of what our value is. The more false and a way from the light and not in line it is with it, the greater our judgment is false.

Falsehood in judgment is important, because, it makes people do evil things in the name of doing what they falsely judge is good.

They false perceive themselves and others. In fact, for people in falsehood in judgment, evil people can be seen as good, and the good people seen as evil over all.

Judgment is so vital. Not only is necessary for our existence, but it's necessary for the function of society. True judgment cannot be known simply by someone beautifying eloquently what he judges to be true and through eloquence convince everyone he speaks the truth and wisdom.

Neither is a majority vote thing where majority decide what it is. This shows we need proofs from God upon a judgment to unite upon and judge by.

Not only does judgment prove religion in this sense, because of how vital it is to our identity, we know one day our judgment will be revealed. There will be a day where our true station and the station of others will be revealed.

The stance that some sort of not accurate judgment exists and is enough, is also not very good. What is a better judgment then another? By what criteria?

We think about this issue and you will see without God there is only chaos in judgment, and this chaos we see because humans are not turning to God for his revealed judgment.

The chaos will get more chaotic, and the darkness and injustice will increase, till we realize the source of judgment, by which we should give others their due, and do justice towards one another, and love one another and that we ask one another rights through this being.

If you think about the issue of judgment, you will also realize it's not some code that is written, it is linked to something higher, love whether it's empathetic or not, love that even sociopaths experience and can have, it is linked to a light that encompasses us all.

When we stray away from judgment, this judgment call us back to embracing truth. It seeks to awaken us and recognize our imbalance within ourselves. It makes us regret our evils.

This judgment is not something we can easily dimiss as just by product of evolution. It has to be real, living, and true. It cannot be just some code in our minds with no universality to us all. It must beyond our limited experience and yet the source by which perceive things.

While we cannot perceive absolute judgment, absolute perceives all perception, and knows which one is drawing closer to it, and on the path towards it, and is in the balanced view upon the light brought down from it.

We can only remind of these things.

If you ask what is the physical evidence of this, the physical evidence is that very self existing in you, it's you. It's everything you truly know about yourself yet beyond. The proof is you.

With peace.
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


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