Reasoning to show homosexuality is evil (for all humans, not just Muslims)

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The very reason why we have a debate about whether it is a choice or not, shows, most humans would not have a shadow of a doubt that is evil if free-will is involved.

But is there reason to believe if it is evil if free-will is involved, that free-will cannot be involved in it? Everything shows the opposite, what free-will can possibly do of evil, is possible in our realms of human choice.

This is the reality. If we start saying well some evils are possibly evil if free-will is involved, but free-will cannot touch it. Then I'm sorry, it makes no sense. How do we know what is evil if done by free-will, is through knowledge of good and evil.

And what is possibly evil by free-will, is also possible of free-will to put in place.

The Quran puts in the worst context possible. It shows it in the most ugly possible picture. A society that practically all of them have preferred men over women, that is not natural at all. 

Sure if they remain an unsignificant minority, people can say what harm but Quran shows in a possibility, that society had given in to a over all trend or fad, and had become homosexual.

It doesn't have to prove that it actually happened to prove it as evil. It just shows it in the possible realms of evil,  these people were being gay because of social pressure and trend to be gay.

So it shows a possible motive for free-will to make it evil.

And perhaps in minorities, there are other factors then that make it free-will but are evil as well.

To make homosexuality the exception to the rule, that it would be evil if free-will is involved, but free-will cannot be possibly involved, is what requires proof.

Otherwise, what has been stated is clear and this reasoning is clear and sufficient to break the deceptions of secular society and their insincere quest in defining good and evil.
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