Shaykh Mohammad Ayyub (RA) leaves this world

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Shaykh Mohammad Ayyub (RA) leaves this world
« on: April 16, 2016, 08:51:01 PM »
Shaykh Muhammad Ayoub, Imam of the Ḥaram al-Madanī, passed away today. I had the honor of praying behind him many times, from back in the late 80s onwards, and would regularly see him in the Ḥaram and at the Islamic University of Madinah.

May Allah grant him Jannat al-Firdaws and exalt his ranks and forgive his sins. I cannot help feel a positive jealousy seeing his janazah taken to the blessed Baqī cemetery - may Allah bless me to be buried there as well!
The passing of sh. Muhammad Ayyub رحمه الله
-  the great Burmese scholar of the Quran & one of the Imam's in the Prophet's Masjid in Madinah.

sh alDehlawi who is close to him & neighbor told us that yesterday, Friday night, he led his last prayer in Masjid Hasan alSha'ir in Madinah, & then proceeded to attend the party for his 12 year older daughter & last of the shaykh's daughters who just had finished memorizing the Quran.

He came home to rest & normally wakes up later in the night to pray in the night (qiyam al layl). He woke up & told his daughter it's hot to turn on the ac. She came back to wake him up right before dawn (fajr) for his prayer, & found that he had passed away in his sleep.

All of his children, girls & boys, finished memorizing the Quran in his life.

Some of them are professors in the university.

He had one final wish that he be allowed to lead again in the Prophet's Masjid - & God fufilled his wish after 20 years not having led prayer there, last year he was granted permission & he led Ramadan prayers in the Prophet's Mosque.

I remember when the announcement was made in Madinah, everyone came out to hear his recitation that night. The masjid became more packed then usual & Madinah's streets were full as people had to walk a distance to reach the masjid & hear him again.

There were some signs before he passed away from scholars like sh Hudhaify who told him one week prior, in the Imams room in the Prophet's Masjid that the maidens in paradise seek your company. Sh Muhamamd Ayyub started to cry.

A few days prior, sh alWalid alShamsan said, "I asked him just a few days prior to organize from Masjid Quba for sh Muhammad Ayyub to go outside of the kingdom to visit some countries. He said, 'That's it... I'm 63 years old, & the Prophet peace be upon him, died in this age.' "

I would see him the hallways in the University of Madinah as well as the Prophet's Masjid teaching & listening to multiple students while they recite the Quran to him. His humility was known, as well as his dislike for people to gather around him & praise him.

This great imam, was a scholar that God raised his status, & was beloved by many.

He passed away at 63 years old, & was buried in the graveyard of Madinah alBaqi' next to the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم in which 10,000 or more companions of the Prophet are buried.

I have never seen that many people come for a burial in Madinah in my life.

There were scholars there that were too many to count, Imams of the Prophet's Mosque, Ahmad Hamid Talib Khan & Salah Budayr & others, & literally waves of people praying for him & asking God for his forgiveness.

Every single one realized how his status was elevated because of the Quran & his love for it, his reciting it, & teaching.

May Allah forgive him, grant him the highest stations of Paradise in the companionship of the Prophet peace be upon him, & the righteous & ease the loss of all Muslims in the death of this great scholar & imam.

A moment of reflection for all of us:

What is our relationship with the Quran?
What is our end going to be like?
How will Allah honor us?

May Allah bless us all to memorize & implement & act on His book & grant us the companionship of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم.

Rajab 9, 1437 H - April 16, 2016

The Prophet's City - Madinah

Ibn Al Qayyim

Re: Shaykh Mohammad Ayyub (RA) leaves this world
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inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon may allah swt grant him jannat al firdaus


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