its breaking my heart to see her go

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Re: its breaking my heart to see her go
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What, if he engaged in zikar by saying "YA ALI, YA HUSSAIN, YA MEDHI" - was this be good for the brother/sister to ease their suffering?

I think it would be beneficial only if he recognizes their place in Quran, otherwise, there is no point, and it will create doubts. Better to say "By the name of God..." even though in reality, that is Imam of time,  but if he can reach to the sky (Imam Mahdi) and ask for rain from him and from Twelve Stars with him, including the Rasool, it would be intensely beneficial, but this must not be shots in the dark, it must be through knowing them and recognizing them as true aiders lest he becomes unjust in ascending and doubts his perception.

Foremost, before seeking help from Imams to help empower his weapon, he must forge a weapon, and find the treasure of his souls in midst of the dark curse and affliction he is in.

He cannot forge a weapon his own, he needs God's help, but he must try. Then Imams will help empower this weapon, as did Prophets all lend their powers of their weapons to Mohammad's weapon and helped him awaken to his perfect potential.

My reaction:


Yes keep mocking with a laughter just destroys you as it destroyed bygone nations in the past.
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: its breaking my heart to see her go
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Don't worry about the weirdness or rudeness. If you analyze it too much then it will eat you up eventually. Also, as others said you should seek help from friends or professionals, not here. I'm glad to see that you left islam after discovering the limits islam puts on a person. A lot of the others are saying not to leave but seeing your issues within islam, I think leaving is the best choice. If you find problems with shiism, you will probably also find problems with sunnism. If you want to be religious though then there are still choices but stay clear from anything you find dogmatic.

First, the desire in the soul to do away with fear of God and hell, is something the lower self desires and will be extremely happy to do away with.
I will admit that I am happy when I can live my life with pleasures. Why do I have to eat halal meat only? I'm a busy guy and only eating the vegetarian items is very limited with fast food (I even lived vegetarianism for ~6 months and it was boring once I reached the end). To be a muslim, I'd have to sacrifice a lot of things that I don't take for granted. I could go into other examples but food is the best one.

Second, the majority of sorcerers and Jinn don't believe in hell, so they create an illusion of enlightenment and happiness and they create a moral opposition to hell, as if it's good to believe God will not punish evil people.
I'm opposed to the idea of hell (not Hel though) and why? Think of it like this: For most homosexuals, this is not a choice that they have that attraction. So you're telling me that a good person who is gay is going to hell over something he can't control. Don't tell me that he has to repress it. Repressing your sex drive and orientation is a dangerous thing.

A lot of them believe good and evil are just tools, nothing is moral and immoral in itself, dark energy and light energy is both good as long as we use in benefit ourselves or others.
Not sure about them being tools or not but I definitely believe we carry both in ourselves.

So it is no wonder when we leave Islam and begin to rely on the SEHR, what was clear injustice and evil, becomes unclear, and we become advocates of evil and forbidders of good.
A lot of the "evil" you forbid is actually normal behavior (lust for example which is a pretty normal thing). I'm with you on murder and stealing but when it comes to oppressive law like your shariah then I guess to you I'll advocate evil.

Evil is defined very simply in Quran "Who is more unjust then who follows their desire without guidance from God". And that is because it is denial of signs of God 'Who is more unjust then who denies God's signs".

And it is a way of destruction to decide what good and evil is, and decide without knowledge, and seek a path without sight.
Who says we judge good and evil without knowledge? We know so many things that the prophets of islam didn't. Now we know the facts and we can judge based on that knowledge. Think about things like how we can rehabilitate criminals and it can really work. That is better than cutting a thieves hand off.


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