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Title: The final trials
Post by: Soccer on August 17, 2021, 06:37:11 PM
Gardens of sweet spiritual delights
Rivers of intoxicating lights
Who wants them wants God
And who turns away from them turns to the shadows
The tree of life
The bright signs treasured by the Lord of Humanity
King of Humanity
God of humanity

Seven earths of darkness
Seven gateways of hell
Mirrors the sky reality
Seven heavens
In the heart of the heaven connected to this world
Are lights of Ahlulbayt adorned for all those who look and gaze

And there is always an Ahlulbayt there in all times
The best sky
The highest most treasured of them all
Weapons for believers against Iblis forces
They are the winds that move the soul
They are the sight by which we see God
They are the means towards God's pleasure
Their pleasure is God's pleasure

Eating of their fruit is enjoying God's light
Acknowledging their power and light being directly sustained and given by God
Is the foundation of testifying to God and his Oneness

They are proofs of God
He sustains them yet devils believe they are sorcerers
The misguided Jinn and fallen Angels believe them to be powerful on their own
They believe they rule the universe but can be overthrown
Attributing lies to the Authority and power of Sulaiman and it's manifestation
Disbelieving him the Jews still till this day believe him to be misguided and evil
Those who reject the miracles of Mohammad and Ali accusing them to be two sorcerers
Planning day and night hoping a champion will be born to face the Mahdi
But no champion without God's permission and power can attain such power
Gog handpicked for companionship of Iblis himself
Magog his elite followers
They plan day and night
To keep the morning brightness from coming
From the days of God returning

But the the night can only last so long
Veiling the bright suns
Mirrored in the heart like moon lights
In dark shadow of desires
The leaders of guidance are the pathway to God
Miracles the Mahdi will display
And reason of Quran will testify to his power being from God
And God never ever stops sending such miracle signs
Except the previous generations denied them
Opposed the proofs that are proof of the power of God
Vested in his chosen ones

So to save their followers from oppression
and lest the world be destroyed
God hid the guide because of the disbelief of previous generations
But all wait for his return
Either mockingly when heedless
Or fearfully as Gog and Magog fear his return
Or hopefully and in a way of patiently preparing
For the best results
So that humanity for once accepts God's chosen

But for all we know
He will be rejected like previous Messengers
And the inevitable catastrophe warned about in the Quran
Will come about
And man would have failed the trial
And not a city will remain but destroyed or rather punished a severe punishment
For their insolence - like previous destroyed nations

But the believers must not be oppressed
And he has taken it upon himself to save them
From their oppressors
And the day is coming
When he will save them for their love of him
For their being opposed for their standing for justice
And loving to be ruled by God

So what will be the result
The good news God's King and his Angels strive for
Or the bad news God's King and Angels are trying to make humanity avoid

Time will tell
Again time will tell
If the race of humanity will fail the final trials
The final trials spoken about in Quran
Gospels and Torah
And books between
Indeed a reminder to the attentive ears
But heedless is most
As the catastrophe approaches
Or hopeful
Let's see how we await
As we all await
"So wait, we too among you are those who wait"

Title: Re: The final trials
Post by: Farid on August 20, 2021, 01:14:24 AM
We live in a fast-paced world where yesterdays are no longer recognizable.
Glad to see that some things still haven't changed.
Have a nice night.
Title: Re: The final trials
Post by: Soccer on August 20, 2021, 01:53:56 PM
Glad to hear from you again Farid.