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Title: The holy females
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Peace be upon Sarah
The equal of Abraham
Who was patient with him
Together they were blessed
Their chosen offspring and them
Along with Lut
Making the holy family of the time

Peace be upon Mariam
The holy Sister of Musa
Who the Mana flowed through her hands
Who watched over Musa for the sake of him and her mother
And was equal to Musa and Harun

Peace be upon Mariam mother of Jesus named after the first Mariam
Who faced accusations and bore them patiently
And who's complete purity had no proof except from the divine books
And words of his Messengers
Who was truly exalted and pious

Peace be upon Fatima
The best chosen lady of all time
Daughter yet mother of her father
Who called to the last revelation
Spoke bravely in times of peril
And was a Messenger of her time
Equal of Mohammad and Ali
She is still there in the bright sky
Luminous, holy, and light to the world

Other then his chosen ones
Peace be upon the saints of women
From Zainab who rallied people back to cause of justice
And right path
The mother of afflictions
And Umal Baneen who sacrificed so many sons in love of Hussain
And Asiya wife of Pharaoh who's heart was always with the oppressed
And who called God in times of trial and peril
Taking side of truth
And Umm Salama a wife of the Prophet,
who would witnessed the Angels cry for Hussain
And peace be upon Khadija The Great
Who without her wealth Islam foundations would not have been built
Peace be upon Ma'asooma sister of Imam Reda
Who was a scholar and a proof of the right path by her love of Ahlulbayt

Peace be upon every chosen lady who was part of an Ahlulbayt chosen by God
Equal of the Messengers and Prophets of that time
And peace be upon every mother of a holy chosen one by God
Who God out of his wisdom chose them to be a mother of a guiding leader to mankind