The living reality of sins and Michael trying to save us and Angels under him.

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The name "Ar-Rahman" means God is compassionate to all, and the name "Ar-Raheem" means God is very compassionate to believers, intensely so.

It is said the inward of Ar-Rahman is Ar-Raheem, in that, God is compassionately wanting to Ar-Raheem to all creation, but due to many reasons, Ar-raheem is only towards believers. So from the jurisdiction of Ar-Rahman, he is trying to have mercy on all humans and pull them to his name Raheem (ie. tries to make them believers).

Now if God wanted to, of course, we know he could've guided all creation, but for many reasons from Iblis to free-will, for more reward in loving God out of more will, and faith in when God is somewhat hidden, the way it works now is that the leader of our time has two main Angels at his side constantly.

One of them is Michael and the other is Gabriel. Gabriel is lucky in that he gets to work with the name Ar-Raheem and see believers transferred from darkness to light, and make them ascend to high levels, and perfect their light as much as possible.

Michael, we might as well break in tears for the task he and the Angels under him are tasked with. They are tasked with the name Ar-Rahman and hence work to bring all evil creation back to goodness, to their best of their ability.

You might wonder, how they fail? Well, the fact is there is two close companions claiming to be our friends and well-wishers witnessing us in the journey. One is the Imam of our time, the witness from humans, the other is a witness from Jinn, particularly, a witness who reports back to Iblis, a devil reporting back to the Devil.

They are at tug war, and our good deeds give the Imam and Michael and Angels under them, ways of helping us and tugging us back to God.

On the other hand sins, are used by the devil. In reality, the Qareen of evil believes he is good and is attempting to guide us.

This is what makes it so confusing. Sins take on deceiving form, where it even seems righteous to hate God's light in eyes of dark souls.

That's another thing that Michael is trying to do, is wake up a soul with insight, but the insights from the Guide and Angels under Michael and Michael are usually mocked and disbelieved or if not severely doubted.

Although the Guide (12th Imam) is with all souls, the Qareen of evil denies his reality and makes people ignorant of him.

The two companions and witnesses, one of the left (evil) and the other of the right (good) is a constant reality since Adam (a) till now.

Gabriel while get's to work with light and perfect faith, it's Michael really tasked with the hardest task and get's the hardest orders from Ahlulbayt (A) of his time.

Michael is losing the battle, but it's not his fault, butt he is like the best soccer player on a team, he blames himself still even though he is the best Angel tasked with spreading God's compassion and in the job of saving souls, and when he looks at the creatures of hell from Jinn and humans, he says "glory be to God, we have not worshipped you as you deserve".

He is in tears still today of what occurred with the killing of Imam Hussain (a). It's a catastrophe on inhabitants of the sky (Angels) as well.
By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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