A few quotes Of Shaykh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah regarding The Shia/Rawaafidh.

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Shaykh al-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said:
'The root of every trial & tribulation is The Shia & those who follow them. Many of the swords drawn out on Islam, they are from them. Know, their source & root are The Hypocrites.
They have various lies, innovated corrupt opinions to corrupt The Deen of Islam. And want to make those who arent understanding, slip up, with it (their lies and corrupt opinions)
[Minhaj As Sunnah]

Shaykh al-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said:
'Similarly, if The Jews were to have a state in Iraq etc, The Rafidhah would be from their biggest helpers. They are always befriending/allying with the kuffaar, mushriks, jews & christians and help them in fighting the Muslims and their enemies.'
[Minhaj As Sunnah]

Shaykh al-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said:
'They help the enemies of The Deen those who everyone knows is an enemy, from the jews, christians, mushrikeen & oppose the friends of Allah. (They oppose) those who are the best of the people of the Deen & helpers of the pious. They are the biggest reason in the prev Christians occupying The Baytul Maqdis (Masjid Al Aqsa), so much so the muslims had to be saved from them.'
[Minhaj As Sunnah]

Shaykh al-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said:
'Similarly, Whoever in Shaam (Modern day Syria, Lebanon etc) from The Raafidha, they have influence or weapons. They help The Kuffaar from The Mushrikeen & The Christians; people of the book, against the Muslims, in killing them & abusing them & taking their wealth'

Shaykh al-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said:
You will not find from the Ahl us Sunnah a weak narration except, from the Shia, someone will have narrated it (the weak narration) & say that which is weaker than it.  & you will not find from The Shia a strong narration except, from The Ahlus Sunnah, someone will have narrated it. and narrated that which is stronger than it. And dont think that a strong narration founded for The Shia, it hasnt been narrated by anyone from Ahlus Sunnah. Its established Ahlus Sunnah are better in every good compared to them. Just as The Muslims are better in every good compared to the Jews and Christians.'
[Minhaj As Sunnah]

Shaykh al-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said:
Whoever swears at The Sahabah or anyone from them, or alongside it state Ali is God, or The Prophet , or that Jibreel is wrong, then theres no doubt of Kufr in this. Actually, theres not of Kufr of he who stays silent in labelling them as Kaafir'
[As Saarim ul Maslul]

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