Twelver Imamite heresies & innovations in Ramadhan

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Ebn Hussein

Twelver Imamite heresies & innovations in Ramadhan
« on: July 17, 2014, 06:07:16 PM »
Yesterday was one of the nights of Qadr (laylah Al-Qadr) for the Rafidah. Muslim worship in this night Allah alone, in Qiyam, Du3a and all other forms of worship. Rafidah on the other hand have introduced all sorts of hideous innovations (yet they have the audacity to claiming that they follow the 'true' Sunnah!), among them are the following:

- Cursing the murderer of Ali (indeed the murderer of Ali is cursed, however is it Sunnah to do that in nights of Ramadhan?!) a hundred times:


How is this Sunnah? How dare the Shia scholars innovate such a practice to the religion of Islam? Islam was completed before the martyrdom of our master Ali Ibn Abi Talib (رضوان الله عليه) so how on earth can this cursing-marathon be a recommended practice in the nights of Ramadhan where our focus should be on Allah only (yet Shias link - as usual - everything to the Imams!).


You believe you are the followers of the true Sunnah, Qur'an+'Itrah, now show us a Sahih narration in your books where the Messenger of Allah or any infallible advised us to curse the murderer of Ali over 100 times during the night in Ramadhan. Remember, you lot claim that Tarawih is a Bid3ah because the Prophet (عليه الصلاة و السلام) didn't practice it (this is incorrect since he did prayed it for at least three days), now when did the Prophet practiced the cursing-marathon above? When, where, how? EVIDENCES please!

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الإمام الشافعي رحمه الله
لم أر أحداً من أهل الأهواء أشهد بالزور من الرافضة! - الخطيب في الكفاية والسوطي.

Imam Al-Shafi3i - may Allah have mercy upon him - said: "I have not seen among the heretics a people more famous for falsehood than the Rafidah." [narrated by Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi/Al-Kifayah]


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