Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom & History of Shia sect in Kashmir

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Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom & History of Shia sect in Kashmir
« on: September 21, 2017, 04:21:55 PM »
A brother asked me on Facebook to share this brief history of Shia sect in Kashmir.

Sheikh Hamzah ibn Usman Makdoum Raina  Al-Hanafi

The  spread of Noorbakshi Sect  by  Sheikh  Shams  ud din Araqi alarmed the Sunnis. Sheikh Hamza  ibn Usman by  his influence  and teachings exercised  a  considerable  check on Noorbakshi  as well  as  Imamiya, he  was born in 900 Hijri in the  Chandra  Wanshi    Rajpout   family  .  He  was send to the  leading Kubravi Sunni Sheikh of kashmir, Baba  Sheikh  Ismaeil Zahid Kubravi . Later on he  studied with a top Hanafi Scholar  of his time    Mullha  Sheikh Lotfallha  Kashmiri    and  Sheikh Fathallha ibn  Ismail  Kubravi.

Sheikh    build many  mosques in kashmir ,he  built the  Jamia Masjid Tujjar shrief  ,renovated the  mosque  of  Shah Hamadan in Beerwah    and Zaina  kadal. Sheikh Hamza  was a  force  in the  land of  kashmir. Sheikh Hamza  ,a  strong supporter of  the Sunni sect waged a  incessant ideological battle  against  the Noorbakshia  and  Shia during Ghazi khan chack . His hostilities against  against  the Noorbakshis arose  the  enimity  of Gazi chack .    It was Sheikh Hamzas missionary  zeal that he  was able  to convert most  of the  Kashmiri Nobles back to Sunni islam , Malik  Iddi Raina  son of  Malik  Musa Raina openly  declared himself a  Sunni similarly  Shams ibn Dowlat chack  and his  son Zafar ibn Shamas also converted to Sunni  Islam it was no other than Sheikh  Hamza  Makdoumi  who revived the  conversion of  Hindus to islam . Sheikh Hamza  and    his associates made  the teaching of  Sahams ud  din Araqi ineffective  in Kashmir during this period the  Hanafite  school dominated the  social spectrum of  Kashmir.

All these  activities arose  the enmity  of Gazi chack ,he  wanted to put an end to the  life  of Sheikh Hamza  but  the Kashmiri Sunni nobels particularly  Sayyids and Raina  clan to which Sheikh Hamza  belonged came into his way  finally  he  banished the revered Sheikh  Hamza  Makdoumi from Srinagar to a  remote  Hindu village  of Beeru.  At Beeru Sheikh Hamza  converted  almost all the Non Muslims to  Islam .The  Sheikh preceptors like  Sheikh Fatallha ibn  Ismail Kubravi was also against  the Noorbakshis.  Later Sheikh Hamza  came  into contact with Sayyid Ahmad Kermani , another inveterate enemy of Noorbakshis and Shias. Sayyid Ahmad Kermani's family  had left Kerman when the Safavids
had captured the then Baluch region of Kerman  and general massacre  of its Sunni inhabitants carried out by  the  Qazilbash.

Gazi khan Chack executed Two   prominent Hanafi Sayyids: Sheikh Sayyid  Hamidallha Hussaini. Khwaja Sayyid Hamid Allha was a  political leader and one  of the  associates of  Gazi Kahn arch  rival Shams Chack , He  was killed  in a battle faught between Gazi and his rivals at Hanjivira. Sayyid  Hamid was killed along  with a large  number of Sayyids from  his clan by  the victorious Gazhi cahak.

Another Hanafite  scholar, Sayyid  Kamal u din Hussaini was poisoned   in Phag pargana  because  of this a number of  Sunni Hanafite   Nobels like Nusrat Chack Kupwari ,Yousuf Chack Kupwari ,Naji  Mallha  rebelled against  him and asked the help from  Mugals who dispatched  Qara  Bahadur .While  the  Shafii Sunni Nobels fearing what befall  on the Shafiis during Mirza  Hyders rule refused to help Mugals and professed their  loyality  to Gazi chack , The  Rabid Bigot    Noorbakshi  Yakoub Shah also  wanted to get rid of Sheikh Hamza  but was afraid to carry  out his intentions.

The  students and  associates    of Sheikh Hamza  were  Qazi ul Quzzat Sheikh  Dawood  khakhi    ,Khawaja Hassan  Qari    ,Sheikh  Yakooub  Serfi Hamadani ,Khawaja Ishaq  Qari ,Mir Hyder  Tulmuli,Mulla Ahmad  Chagli,Maulana Ahmad  Qari,Baba Hyder  Reshi,Mir  Sheikh  Ismail  Dimashqi ,Khawja  Zain  u  din Rainawari, Baba Dawoud  Reshi    ,Mir Nazuk  Qadiri, Haji Dawooud  Balkhi    and  Sayyid Ahmad  Kermani , Baba  Ali    ibn  Usman  Raina .  They  all  contributed  a  lot in the field of Hanafi fiqa, Sheikh Hamza  ,Baba  Ali Raina and Sheikh Yakoub Serfi Hamadani vigorously debated with the Noorbakshi  Ulama and broke  their back in Public  Debates .

When the news of  discretion and digging up of  the graves of two  Holy  Imams  Abu Hanifa  and Ahmad ibn Hanbal in Bagdad reached Sheikh Yakoub Serfii  ( Sheikh of  Hamadaniyya  order)  he went to as far  as Shriaz  ,Esfahan ,Kerman  calling    the Persian    Sunnis  to throw  off  the  yoke  of Safavids.Sheikh Yakoub  Serfi satrted sending his  students and disiples across the  Khorasan to help Shaybanid Uzbeks in contaning Safavids .He  send letters to the  cheifs of  Tribes across Khorasan to back the Shaybanid Uzbeks .When Sultan Bayazid Yildiriem died his  son Sultan Salim suceded him  and Ottoman Safavid war broke  out .Sheikh Yakoub Serfii    gaved the call  of Jihad in favour  of Ottomans and called the  belivers to fight  the Hertical Pagan Safavid Cult  , with the  grace  of Allha  the  Safavids were  defeated and their  face  was blackned in the  Battle of Chaldoran at the  hands of Ottoman Sultan    Salim  (may    mercy  be  upon him).  It was at Verinaag that  Khawaja  Tahir Rafiq ,Baba  Ali Raina Sheikh Yakoub Serfi Farooqi    ,Baba  Dawood  Khaki and others left for  India to invite Akbar  to invade  Kashmir to relieve  its people from the oppressive Noorabashi rule  of Chacks.   

Moreove, during the  Chak rule  a  number  of  Imami Shia preachers came  to Kashmir from the Safavids  Iran, Most  prominent    of them were  the Rizivi  Sayyids of Qom.  During Dowlat Chacks rule  Imamiya  Shia  preecher Mullah  Bayzad  Ansari  from Sebzavar arrived in Srinagar and Sheikh Hamza  met him. The  Imami  Scholar  tried all  but in vein to convert him  into Shia creed  from then onward  Sheikh Hamzah ibn Usman Raina became debating both Noorbakshis and  Imamis but  since  Imami  were  not more  than a  hundred during that time  his Prime  Object was reconversion of  those  people who  either willingly  or by  force  had become Noorbakshi. Although the  Noorbakshi  became  extinct from the  Kashmir during Mugal rule but the  Imamiyya Shia Sect still survives .

Sheikh Hamza  died at the  age  of 84  in 984 hijri. The  Sheikh was buried in Kho i Marran. Sultan  Ali Shah chack participated in his funeral prayers led by  Khawaja Tahir Rafiquie, Nawab  Inayallha  Khan subedar during  Mugals build the  mausoleum in 1125 Hijri On the orders of  emperor Akbar. It became dilapidated and Afghan governor Atta  Mohammad Khan repaired it. Sheikh Gulam Moihu din Kashmiri governor during Pagan Sikh rule rebuilt  it  and is himself buried in the Eastern side  of the  enclosure.

His short biography on Wikipedia:
در خلافت میل نیست ای بی‌خبر
میل کی آید ز بوبکر و عمر
میل اگر بودی در آن دو مقتدا
هر دو کردندی پسر را پیشوا

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Re: Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom & History of Shia sect in Kashmir
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2017, 11:07:37 PM »

When the news of  discretion and digging up of  the graves of two  Holy  Imams  Abu Hanifa  and Ahmad ibn Hanbal in Bagdad reached Sheikh Yakoub Serfii  ( Sheikh of  Hamadaniyya  order)  he went to as far  as Shriaz  ,Esfahan ,Kerman  calling    the Persian    Sunnis  to throw  off  the  yoke  of Safavids.
I thought that pagan shia kingdom "only" did it to imam abu hanifa's grave. Imam Ahmad's too?


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