Exposition & Refutation of a Zindiq Shiatu Dajjal on holding hands during prayer

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Exposition & Refutation of a Zindiq Shiatu Dajjal on holding hands during prayer

This post is refutation of a Jahil Zindiq who is a Shia of Dajjal(Twitter username "Shia Shogun") and as his Imam is Dajjal, He tries to follow his Imams teachings of deceit and lies, which were exposed by a brother with twitter user name(TheAynGhayn), Proving how every single quotation this wretched invidual has brought from Sunni books has been misquoted & hes lied. Nothing new from a Shia of Dajjal.

Shia of Dajjal stated:
In the book of Al-Badr Al-Munir, volume 3, page 511-512:
The Messenger of Allah said: “It is as if I am looking at the rabbis of the Children of Israel, placing their rights on their lefts.” (e.g., right hand on left).

Are Sunnis Jews???

Shogun quoted Ibn ul Mullaqins book with a narration Ibn ul Mullaqin bought. lets have a look. He has misquoted & completely ignored what Ibn ul Mullaqin is saying here. Simply because this Hadith has been brought by Ibn ul Mullaqin in support/relation to another Hadith.

Lets go to the begining of the topic. 'Hadith number 11'
Ibn ul Mullaqin establishes folding the hands during qiyaam (standing). The Hadith is:
The Prophet ﷺ said, theres 3 that are from the method of The Messengers (plural). Hastening Iftar, delaying Suhur & placing the right upon the left hand.

He then brings a lengthy discussion on the different chains of narration for this particular Hadith. some being weak, some being stronger than others.

The narration mentioned that this action was carried out by ALL the Messengers of Allah. so in support of this, Ibn Mullaqin brings the narration shogun quoted. The author is saying, this narration where the Prophet ﷺ stated ALL messengers read this way, is backed by the narration where the Prophet ﷺ said, its as though hes looking at the Scholars of Banu Israeel. proving that if the scholars of Banu Israeel did this, then it mustve been taught by their messenger, thus establishing the initial narration that folding hands being a sunnah of ALL messengers.

you Dajjaal


Shia of Dajjal stated:
Here, in the book of "Sūnan Abī Dāwūd," volume 2, page 50-51, tradition 730, we read:

That when the Holy Prophet prayed, he lifted his hands and said: "God is Great," - which we do in our prayer, and other sects don’t - and after that, he stands tall/straight,

The liar then quotes a Hadith from Abu Dawud where he translates The Hadith completely wrong and twists the words to suit his narrative. lets have a look.

Also what does The Hadith really say?

The narration doesnt mention NOT folding the hands, nor does is mention folding the hands. It seems shogun doesnt know arabic. Not only do we do takbeer (he claims his cult is the only ones that do) but he has translated the whole hadith incorrectly. [ Invalid Attachment ]  ; [ Invalid Attachment ]
'in its place' can means its designated place in Salaah. Plus, the word mu'tadillan mainly means moderation, implying that each position is done properly. The Hadith is establishing the obligatory postures in salaah. if it spoke of Salaah entirely, wheres the mentioning of Tashahhud? the method of doing salaam? the relevance of the index finger in Tashahhud? Qiraa'ah? Tasbeeh is Sajdah, ruku etc?

Anyhow, the part of the hadith shogun appallingly translated really says this: 'When The Prophet ﷺ stood for Salaah He lifted his hands until they were parallel with his earlobes. Then he did Takbeer until every bone settled in its position properly..'

How does that prove not folding hands or even folding hands? The narration mentions obligatory postures


Shia of Dajjal stated:
We also read in "Mirqāt Al-Mafātīh Sharḥ Mishkāt Al-Maṣābīḥ," volume 2, page 473, tradition 799:

That Al-Shāfiʿī said: "There’s no tradition that obligates folding hands," - and that it’s there for "glorification”

Not even WAJIB? Lol the default is then Sadl, not Qabd.


Look at this liar twisting Mulla Ali Qaris words and the opinion of Imam Ash Shafi'ee. He purposely doesnt highlight Mulla Ali Qaris statement stating folding the hands is established right before the highlighted part. Mulla Ali Qari then says, THE HANDS ARE PLACED ON THE NAVEL OR CHEST JUST AS ASH SHAFI'EE HAS SAID ETC. Imam Shafi'ee is talking about the position of placing the hands, not about folding the hands.

Mulla Ali even confirms its talking about the position the hands are placed in, straight after Imam Ah Shafi'ees quote

Shia of Dajjal stated:
We also see in "Kitāb Al-Fiqh ʻAlá Al-Madhāhib Al-Arbaʻah," volume 1, page 227:

How the sects differed in it, making it more likely, that it’s an innovation.
Malikis said that placing the hand above the navel and below the chest is optional and not a sūnnāh.

Not sunnah either?
This liar continues to twist and lie. The 4 Schools clearly differ on THE POSITION again. how does that prove its an innovation when Mandub is Mustahab. Something which is Mustahab can only be from The Sunnah.. Which further proves, stating its not a sunnah means its not the only sunnah, nor is it an emphasized Sunnah which by leaving you are committing a sin. Obviously this liar wouldnt know that because he hasnt studied usul, nor do his cult have any proper usul. whats even more funny is, his prev tweet proves this where Ash Shafi'ee says that theres no narration stating the action (of which position it should be placed) is necessary. Also, Mulla Ali Qari himself states it can be either position.

This liar unknowingly refutes himself.

Shia of Dajjal stated:
We also read in "Bidayat Al-Mujtahid," volume 1, page 335 (or 137, depending on the print), the reason for their differing over the matter:

That Ibn Rushd (or Averroes) said: "And the reason for the differing, is that there are traditions that mentioned his prayer, and it wasn’t  mentioned that he placed his right hand on his left, and it was proven that people were ordered to do it."
Meaning, people were ordered to do it by the 'caliphs.'

Ahh so folding hands is a BIDAH of the caliphs??
This is the biggest fail, he brings a statement of Ibn Rushd to run his agenda without knowing Ibn Rushd himself has been proven wrong on the very page by the scholar who wrote the commentary. He lists 13 Sahabah who narrated it from The Prophet ﷺ. Ibn Rushd made a mistake. simple as. This liar wont accept that he refutes himself though. Its right there. The Scholar says the narrations of this are plenty and have reached Tawaatur.

Shia of dajjal stated:
We also read in "Al-Musnad Al-Jami," volume 19, page 254, tradition 16008:
That Aisha mentioned the Holy Prophet’s prayer, and she didn’t mention that he used to fold his hands!
gain the liar brings a narration of Ayesha RA and unknowingly refutes himself. Firstly, like weve mentioned before, this is in regards to obligatory postures. because wheres the rest? Tashahhud, Qira'ah, Salaam?? Also, she doesnt mention anything about hands, whether its folded or not. Hes made up stuff again. Also, what about the first 'evidence' you brought by Ibn ul Mullaqin, lets go back a page which you purposely left out.

 What does Ayesha RA state?

Yep, the hadith of the sunnah of all the messengers, one of them being they folded hands.

Shia of Dajjal stated:
We also read in "Al-Muwatta," page 72:
That a person calling to prayer (e.g., a mu'aḏḏin) came to Omar, to call him to the prayer in Fajr, and found him asleep, so he told him: "Prayer is better than sleep!"

(Aṣ-Ṣalātu Kḫayrun Mina n-Naum), so Omar ordered him to place it in the adhan in Fajr.

So, it’s basically a bid’ah in the adhan, that people are still doing nowadays..
e quotes one narration which occured after The Prophet ﷺ commanded it.
The Prophet commanded it in.
1) Abu Dawud 500, 501
2) Nasai 632, 633
3) Dar Qutni 903
4) Ibn Hibban 1682

He purposely picks out narrations to support his cult without looking at other narrations.

Note: This argument was shattered in this article:

Shia of Dajjal stated:
Takbir to conclude the prayer?? Who does so? Shias - Not Sunnis.

Narrated Ibn `Abbas: I used to recognize the completion of the prayer of the Prophet (ﷺ) by hearing Takbir. (Sahih al-Bukhari 841)
This is laughable. Hes making claims, proving to us how takbeer is said after Salaah from OUR books. then claim we dont do it??

Bukhari and Muslim hold so many narrations of not just takbeer, but other dhikr along with takbeer! To such an extent, The Scholar's of Hadith even discussed the manner in which this Takbeer should be done, as well as whether its said in Salaah or after salah

Ya Dajjaal.. Have you studied these ahadeeth from our sources? or just made assumptions and randomly brought one of our Hadith?


Shia of Dajjal stated:
Qunoot - the prophet always did it, so do Shias. Not Sunnis, the only do it once in a while.
LOL we dont pray Qunut? What do we prayin Witr then?! & when did Omar & Nouman speak for all of us?

Have you looked at what our Salaf say? every Salaf who speaks on this says its sinful to leave out. Hanafiyyah state its waajib.

Again this Liar is making stuff up. Tell me, which Sahabi, Tabi'ee, Salaf, Muta'akhir & Mutaqaddim Scholar says do qunut once in a while?!

Shia of Dajjal stated:
And just another one for fun since Since Sunnis think its blasphemous that some of us send curses in Qunut prayer against the enemies of Islam.

The prophet did the same! :P

Anas b. Malik reported that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) observed Qunut for a month in the dawn prayer after ruku' and invoked curse upon Bani Usayya. (Sahih Muslim 677 d)
And we dont have an issue with cursing Allahs enemies like you. We have an issue with those who curse The Sahabah.

The Quran says regarding The Sahabah:

1) Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those who WITH HIM are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves. You see them bowing and prostrating [in prayer], seeking bounty from Allah and [His] pleasure. (48:29)

2) The first (In Deen) among the Muhajireen & the Ansar and those who followed them with good conduct. Allah is pleased with them & they are pleased with Him. He has prepared for them gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever. (9:100)

3) For the poor Muhajirun (Sahabah who migrated from Makkah) who were expelled from their homes and their properties, seeking bounty from Allah and [His] approval and supporting Allah & His Messenger, [there is also a share]. Those are the truthful ones. (59:8)

4) But those who have believed and migrated (From Makkah) and fought in the cause of Allah and those who gave shelter and aided - it is they who are the believers, truly. For them is forgiveness and noble provision. (8:74)

5) Certainly was Allah pleased with the believers when they pledged allegiance to you, under the tree, and He knew what was in their hearts, so He sent down tranquillity upon them and rewarded them with an imminent conquest (48:18)

6) Allah has already forgiven the Prophet and the Muhajireen and the Ansar who followed him in the hour of difficulty after the hearts of a party of them had almost inclined [to doubt], and then He forgave them. Indeed, He was to them Kind and Merciful. (9:117)

Look how Allah ﷻ has honoured them.

- The Prophet ﷺ said: The best of my Ummah is this generation (The Sahabah) - Bukhari

- The Prophet ﷺ said: A sign of Imaan is love for The Ansaar. A sign of Hypocrisy is hatred for them - Bukhari

- The Prophet ﷺ said: If you see anyone swear at the Sahabah, then say 'May The Curse of Allah be upon your evil' - Tirmidhi

Theres countless of Ahadeeth.

Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Hajr Al Haythami and Ibn Abideen has brought the sayings of what the Scholars say regarding those who swear at The Sahabah in their books Hukm Sabb As Sahabah, 'The Ruling of swearing at The Sahabah'

- Imam Ahmad said: Whoever says anything bad about the Sahabah, then their is doubt on their Islam

- Is'haq Bin Rahway said: Whoever swears at the Companions of The Prophet, punish them and imprison them

- Imam Maalik said: Whoever swears at the Sahabah, teach them a lesson

- Qadhi Abu Ya'laa said: The Fuqaha are upon this, that whoever swears at the Sahabah believing to be allowed, then they have committed Kufr. Whoever does it without believing its allowed, they they have committed Fisq

- Ibn Taymiyyah said: Whoever says The Sahabah left Islam except for a small group, or even says they have committed Fisq, there is no doubt in their Kufr.

- Abu Zur'a Ar Raazi said: If you see any man rebuke The Companions of The Prophet, know that he is a Zindeeq

- Al Maymuni has said the same as Imam Ahmad

- Muhammad bin Yusuf Al Faryabi said: whoever swears at Abu Bakr he is a Kaafir.

- Ahmad bin Yunus said: If a Jew has sacrificed an animal and so has a Rafidhi. i would eat the meat from The Jew, but not The Rafidhi

- Abu Bakr bin Abdul Aziz has said: If the Rafidhi swears at The Sahaba, They have committed Kufr

- Al Marwazi said: Whoever swears upon Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Aisha, they will not be seen upon Islam.

May Allah ﷻ keep us on the correct path and raise us with The As'haab

Shia of Dajjal stated:
Few more traditions for fun:

The Sahaba WEEPING over the fast that a few years after the prophet the Sunnah, especially of prayer was being LOST (ie corrupted and changed)

Narrated Az-Zuhri that he visited Anas bin Malik at Damascus and found him weeping and asked him why he was weeping. He replied, "I do not know anything which I used to know during the life-time of Allah's Apostle except this prayer which is being lost (not offered as it should be)."  [Sahih al-Bukhari 530]

Look at this liar refute himself again. he said The Sahabah cried because Salah wasnt done properly to prove his lies. this liar forgot to check the title. Its about the time for Salaah. If he states that the narration doesnt mention this Then look at what Ibn Hajr says in Fath Al Bari under this Hadith, he proves thats its regarding time with narrations from Abdur Razzaq & Abu Nu'aym the teacher of Bukhari from Abu Bakr bin Utbah & narration of Ibn Umar & Muhammad bin Abu Ismaeel. They prove that Salaah was delayed during the time of the leader Hajaaj.

Again the liar is cherry picking to prove his cult.

Shia of Dajjal stated:

Then later another Sahabi(In other versions they say ONLY ali revived the sunnah) was surprised that Imam Ali revived the true Sunnah prayer of the messenger.

We as Shiis obviously take from the prophet as relayed by Ali and the Imams a.s :)

Narrated `Imran bin Husain: I offered the prayer with `Ali in Basra and he made us remember the prayer which we used to pray with Allah's Messenger (ﷺ). `Ali said Takbir on each rising and bowing.(Sahih al-Bukhari 784).
Where in The Hadith does it say The Sahabi was surprised. Also, bring this claim of Ali RA ONLY reviving The Sunnah. Bring this from Sunni books.

Where in the arabic and english does it say 'surprised' and 'only'

You Kathaab.

Dont take your Deen nor even acknowledge what this Dajjaal says. he is a liar who twists the sayings of scholars and the Hadith to support his agenda. Purposely misinterpreted, misinformed, hid and then claims hes on truth. Wallahi you are a liar.


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