Iran- Israel friendship

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Iran- Israel friendship
« on: April 20, 2015, 09:02:19 AM »
I found an interesting comment on the Guardian the other day with regards to Iran. Somebody else has written this though, but its interesting nonetheless:

Isfahan was once called "Yehudiyeh" due to its very large body of Jewish residents in the same way Los Angeles is referred to now as "Tehrangeles" because of its very large Iranian population.

The vast majority of Isfahan's Jewish residents converted to Shiite Islam under Shah Abbas who gave all local kingpins tax breaks if the populations they ruled became Shiite. So, the kingpins started threatening Jews either to convert or face persecution and harassment. Even the 12 Imams of Shiite Islam are a cryptic reminder of the original 12 Jewish tribes out of Egypt. Several of my acquaintances are from Isfahan. Every single one can trace their ancestry back more than 6 or 7 generations to great great Jewish grandparents. These who waited so long to convert were the most dedicated to their own ancestral Jewish religion, but the atmosphere in Iran had become quite antagonistic by those who ruled the territories. After all, who would be that stupid to convert from Judaism to the fake religion of Shiite Islam unless there was some kind of relief or profit in the move.

Now, that little bit of history in itself may not mean much except that many of those Jewish residents of Isfahan became Shiite mullahs. These same mullahs - who were converts of convenience from Judaism - also encouraged their own boys to join in the trade, too. Many did and have been doing up to the present day. The still living 94 year old father of a friend of mine was one of the boys who refused to become a mullah (like his father) when he became of age, although he had been raised as a Shiite, not a Jew.

When the Iran-Iraq war began, many of these mullahs oversaw the military operations led by Iranian field commanders - both in the regular army and in the divisions of the IRGC - from a safe distance behind the front lines.

Testimonials of "Jan-Baaz" soldiers (i.e. the grunts who fought in the frontlines of the Iran-Iraq war) reveal that the field commanders often fought to capture strategic positions back from Iraqi soldiers. After each small victory, the mullahs overseeing the operation interfere with the field commanders and have them order Iranian soldiers to retreat from the newly captured positions. Upon the retreat, Iraqi soldiers would move in again and regain control of the strategic positions. After a few weeks or months, the soldiers would be ordered to recapture the strategic hill or location they were ordered to retreat from, giving more dead in the process.

So, when you write "The 8th Armoured Division is famous for its role in the eight-year war with Iraq, when it lost 8,000 soldiers under the command of Major General Ahmad Kazemi," you must also note that losing many soldiers is nothing to be proud of. Despite the many testimonials by Iranian soldiers in that war, there has never been an investigation into why Iranian soldiers would be ordered to their deaths to capture a strategic location only to be pulled back and ordered to repeat the operation again in a few weeks or months.

Again, an acquaintance of mine whose father was a commander in an artillery division corroborated the stories I had heard from other lower level soldiers during my trips in the region.

Let me save you the trouble of what all this means and tell you flat out that from the very beginning and right after Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was pushed aside by his puppet masters, the plan has been to maintain an atmosphere of mayhem in the middle east and kill as many of the young men from some key countries in the region. Iran and Iraq are only two such key countries. Nationalistic and patriotic rulers in these two countries, given that both countries have relatively large populations and have vast natural resources, would pose a clear and present danger to Israel's future.

But now, hidden in the cloak of Shiite Islam, mullahs are using the human and natural resources of Iran to destroy peace in the region and fund mayhem from Yemen to Afghanistan, while the only beneficiary of all of this mess and non-stop killing is Israel. A very successful operation by mullahs and all they had to do was to wear stupid mullah gowns since Shah Abbas and claim they are the followers of 12 non-existent imams.

So "the roots of Iran's revolutionary fighters" is a made-up ideology from about 600 years ago that like the "Agent Smith" from the movie Matrix hides under the skin of its victims and makes them believe in false ideology, robs them from an ability to do some independent thinking about what goes on around them, and act in the unholiest of ways by beating, torturing, and hanging innocent and patriotic Iranians.

Iranian people are a victim of their own ignorance about history and world affairs and a lack of knowledge who their historic enemies are. How terrible it is to lose one's life because of ignorance or false ideology.



Re: Iran- Israel friendship
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2015, 10:30:30 AM »
Great analyse.

Thanks for sharing
Before Qazî Mihemed, President of the first kurdish Republic Mahabad was hanged the iranian judge asked:

“last words?”

Qazî: “I thank Allah: even in death he put my shoes above your heads”


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