Is al-Humayra a bad name?

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Is al-Humayra a bad name?
« on: July 05, 2020, 12:19:52 AM »
@Shia_Shogun lying again

He literally doesnt know arabic does he?

As Suwayda is Black Bile. Miradh means illness. How is Al Humayra a bad name when it means red?

This actually shows, that they're showing the usage of the word and not the meaning. These Dajjalun scan things without knowing they refute themselves

It doesnt prove his points in the least.

This Dajjaal has copied the text from a Shia website Al Qatrah. net.
A copy and paste merchant who actually has no knowledge of not only The Deen, but his own cult. I will prove how this website are dajjaals like @Shia_Shogun.

Humr, Humraa (حمراء) means redness.
In arabic, verbs & nouns are given meanings depending on what 'form/scale' they're placed on.

so one specific form we're going to discuss now is called.

اسم التصغير

Now the 'scale/form' that come under this are of 3 types.

What you do is, you get the root letters of the word, and place it in the form of
اسم التصغير
look at the example below

Theres 3 forms but we are only going to talk of the first one, as its the most relevant

This is the form of "Fu'aylun"

an example to help you understand is the word 'man' in arabic = Rajulun
placed on this form, it becomes 'rujaylun'

Another example is the word 'mountain' = Jabalun, جبل

on this form it becomes 'Jubaylun'

You will notice, that the 3 letters that make up words, will match the
ف, ع, ل
of the form "Fu'aylun"

Now what meaning does it give?

اسم التصغير
gives 3 meanings
1) Showing love/ endearment
2) To describe something as small
3) To ridicule.

so 'rujaylun' depending on the context could mean 3
1) Beloved man
2) Small man
3) Small man (in terms of status/worthless)

Lets look at Humraa (redness)
when placed on this scale it becomes
it could mean 3 things:
1) Beloved red one
2) Small red one
3) worthless red one.

What did The Prophet ﷺ mean?

This Dajjaal and his Dajjaali website claim, its grammatically incorrect? wheres the proof? show us.
The website also bring usage of other words used to describe red.. how does that invalidate the use of Humayrah? or do you guys need to be taught synonyms exist? Also, they claim Humayra is only used with menstruation? how? wheres the proof, you've quoted a dictionary which shows THE USAGE of the word. Its the equivalent of me saying, using the colour 'brown' is wrong because people also describe shit as brown??

you see how stupid your logic is?

The Prophet ﷺ used this word many times. Here is an example:

"Habshi people entered the masjid playing, The Prophet said to me, Oh Humayra, do you like looking at them play? i replied yes. He stood by the door and i went to him & placed my chin on his shoulder, and leaned my face against his cheek..."
Narrated by: Nasai & Mushkil ul Athaar
Grade: Saheeh according to every hadith Scholar.

If the Prophet ﷺ was insulting her, why did she show love and rest her face against his?

If the Prophet ﷺ was insulting her, why did he let her show love?

If The Prophet was insulting her, was he going against Allahs command in The Quran?
"And do nor revile one another by nicknames" (49:11)

Also, look at this Dajjaal.
Are you claiming Ali RA also insulted Ayesha by going against the word of Allah in The Quran? Or are you saying he twisted the meaning which the prophet used for endearment, as we have proved??

If The Prophet was insulting her, did he go against his own words?
'The best of you is he who is best to his wife' (Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah)

Its recorded in Shia sources, Imam Zain Al Abideen said. A wife has the right you treat her with mercy, kindness, attachment & affection (Tuhaf al Uqul, pg 268)

Is your Imam lying? or are you saying The Prophet broke the rights of his spouse by insulting her & went against The Quran?

This guy is a joke. Wallahi you are a Dajjaal acting as though you have knowledge.

P.S: Refutation by the brother @TheAynGhayn