Is Karbala superior to the Holy Kaäba in Mecca??

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Is Karbala superior to the Holy Kaäba in Mecca??
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The Shia Belief about Karbala
and Why It Is Incorrect

The Shia (and those of their ilk) have claimed that the graves of their so-called imams are sacred sites. They have also claimed that Karbala is superior to the Holy Kaäba in Mecca.
     Our question on this point is as follows:

Wasn't the Holy Kabah chosen by Allah Almighty to be the first house placed on the earth to worship Him Alone, to establish tawhid, and to get rid of any partners associated with Him?!!

Answer: Of course, it was.

Would it be possible after that to imagine that any other place could be equal to Mecca?!!

Answer: Certainly not.

Wasn't the Holy City of Mecca chosen by Allah (Blessed & Most High) to be the cradle of His worldwide message and the seal of all previous messages?!

Answer: Of course, it was.

So what does that prove??
     Without a doubt, this clearly proves the great sacredness of this blessed and holy place, and that Mecca is the most beloved city to Allah Almighty, and therefore, to His Messenger, Muhammad (sws)—as he (sws) told us—and that no other location could equal its status.

Wasn't the Holy Kaäba chosen by Allah Almighty as the qibla, or direction of prayer, for the Muslims, which He sanctioned for them after Allah's Messenger (sws) had long been yearning to pray towards it before the qibla was changed from the direction of Jerusalem?!!

Answer: Of course, it was.

Aren't the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina the only ones that will be protected by Allah (Blessed & Most High) from being entered by the Antichrist, and therefore, from his evil at the Endtimes, as we were informed by Prophet Muhammad (sws)?!!

Answer: Of course, they are.

So what does that prove??
     Without a doubt, this proves what has been made clear in the answers to the preceding questions: that no other place on earth can equal the Holy City of Mecca in sacredness and status before Allah (Glorified & Exalted).
     It also proves that whoever contradicts reason and goes against the words of the Messenger (sws) (who informed us that Mecca was the most beloved city to Allah Almighty and to him, sws), and who even comes saying something so far removed from that which sound minds could accept and from that which has been established in the authentic, authoritative source texts, such as claiming sacred status for the city of Karbala and that it is superior to Mecca, even though it is just a city like any other city, and there is not a single hadith from Prophet Muhammad (sws) about its superiority or sacredness (except for those invented by the Shia through pure lies and fabrication), then this confirms the enormity of the affront to Allah Almighty and the impugnation of His Messenger (sws), and therefore, the reprehensibility of this call and the fallaciousness of this belief.
     So, all praise is due to Allah Almighty for the blessing of Islam, and that He made us among the followers of the Sunnah of the best of the messengers, our beloved and trustworthy prophet, Muhammad (sws).
     And all praise is due to Allah Almighty for the gift of guidance and righteousness.



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