Istaghatha and Tawasul a reply to a Wahabified Shia.

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Istaghatha and Tawasul a reply to a Wahabified Shia.
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Prophet (s) and Imams (a) are directly guided by hearing revelation properly and themselves are foundation by which Angels turn to and where God's book of deeds resides. They are witnesses and the channel of God's sustenance and light. Also, they are themselves asylum, weapons, and missiles against devils so how can they seek help from others.
However, the Quran has for the sake arguments, and in that said if Mohammad (s) (God forbid) and his followers were ignorant, to seek the family of the reminder because there certainly would be one, and this is respect to knowledge but particularly both places contextualize more so with miracles although clarify it with guidance and knowledge as well.
Another verse says "those who give the book before you", and so this means the family of the reminder would be sought, as Quran shows neither Jews or Christians are reliable nor does this address the issue of miracles which is part of the context of what is to be sought from the family of the reminder if you don't know.

The witness of time if Mohammad (s) was ignorant, would be hidden, in the same way the Mahdi was hidden. And so that Quran else where said, if God for Mohammad (s) rhetorically to ask those who were sent before him did God ever appoint gods to be worshipped. 

Also the Quran talked about the family of the reminder in context of being an asylum against devils and starts of guidance and adornment for onlookers.  So there is no doubt, God forbid Mohammad (s) wasn't sure about this for sake of argument, he would be able tap into all Guides spiritually and see what they say, but particularly the family of the reminder which is the family of Mohammad but the Quran is saying, say for the sake of argument it wasn't, Mohammad (s) would've sought the family of the reminder which would be a different family and the Quran is commanding to seek the family of the reminder which it's pages have proven the necessity of and the perfect way God would guide humans, so say if Mohammad (s) forged the Quran, still, wouldn't God confirm the truth with his words? In this case, Mohammad (s) heart would be sealed and blind, and God would confirm still the truth with his words. And so the Quran is structure to confirm the Archetype religion which even includes have a consistent number which it has proven to be Twelve Successors with respect to the founder.

And so it says really, even if not open, the family of the reminder become hidden, Mohammad (s) would've sought them, and connected to them, and even the guide hidden and predecessors dead or some risen up (in case of Jesus risen up), he would've sought the answers for them say he was ignorant.

And so the Quran by putting Mohammad (s) to be included in the ask, shows, yes seek the family of Mohammad (s), but showed, even if Mohammad (s) didn't come, there was a family of the reminder to be sought and clergy of Christians and Jews didn't need to be relied upon.

The rhetorical nature of the question, God calculated keep in mind all the verses calculated to be about what Mohammad (s) would do for the sake of argument if he doubted or didn't know or if he forged it, still Quran shows by logic, what the guidance would be. In this way, in confirm the abstract religion has confirmed the particular form, which there is only one form of it because the rest have been corrupted or outdated their relevance.
In the same Mohammad (s) can talk to the family of the reminder even though all were dead except Jesus who was risen and Elyas who remained on earth but was hidden, it's saying, if he didn't know and you don't know, I'm telling you what to do. But it shows Mohammad (s) doesn't have doubt because the Quran shows the archetype family of the reminder and so proves the particular instance of it in this time.

And rope of God would be sought by Mohammad (s) if he didn't know. 

Now talking to dead people is not wrong, and asking them to guide him with respect to the issue of unity of God would be a kind of istaghatha spiritually and call upon them to use spiritual power because they are no longer out in the public.
And so God has proven beyond doubt with all these verses, that not only are the family of reminder a means to knowledge from God, but in context, shows, they can still manifest miracles and are still asylum from the sorcery and devils and weapons against the devils and arrows of God you can use to help you and you can see them beautified and adorned in vision as God has made those stars fair seeming to those who look.

And literature wise, there exists hadiths about istighatha, so you are wrong. There exists ones asking God to help by the Imams (a) spiritually, and there exists one that along with that, ask them (a) to help you, and others with regards to praying for you and seek forgiveness for you. All these type exist, and their is words from Imams (a) to show the family of the reminder is with you in your sleep and wake, in your hardship and ease, in your moments of peril and your moments of safety,  etc, but you don't know these because you don't research. And Quran confirms all this but you pay no attention.
And idols in Quran were condemned the following ways:
1. Attributing to God what we don't know (this applies to all leaders we don't know from God, can't attribute God what we don't and who we don't know he appointed)
2. The impossibility of them being near or equal to God's status, and hence the irrationality of not doing away with the word worship with respect to everything else, and not reserving a word of that indicates a level of love and exalting unique to God.
3. Intercession as in they do it without God's permission and approval or command. This is deemed impossible, as they can not help or intervene in a soul except if God permits. This type of intercession wasn't just about them praying for us but polytheists believed they acted on behalf of God. So we can see delegation is condemned with respect to sustaining us and helping us, but rather, the case is God's permission and command is directly related to this issue, and miracles are only done as well by his permission. So in this sense, we have to pray MORE SO to God for this intercession. But Quran didn't say you aren't to ask them intercession as well. It commanded both, seeking grace from God as well as from his Messenger. Seeking forgiveness from God and repenting to him, but also asking the Messenger to pray for you.  It didn't say just ask God to guide them by you and do miracles for you, it said along with that guidance you ask from God, ask the family of the reminder if you don't know for miracles and knowledge and guidance with respect to good deeds and the plan of God if you wish to participate in his plan.
4. It being just to stick to local leaders to confirm the ways of culture passed down generations to confirm by convenience our forefathers and remain blindly on the past generation (fathers) without condemning their ways.  It was total conjecture with no connection to the actual idols for so many but just an issue of culture and convenience.
5. With respect to many, it's saying, you think they were Angels but they are really Jinn, and not Jinn, but devils who through their friends who are sorcerers and they channel to them revelation, seek to misguide you, but you aren't aware of this hidden society and league of Jinn and Humans gathering to control humans through out the ages.  In particular, this is referring to those who sought help from Angels, they particularly were overwhelmed by devils and sorcery, and believed in the wrong forces, because they didn't rely on proof from God and didn't use the holy spirit to discern truth, but went to spiritually chaotically.  However, Ahlulbayt (a) are instances of the holy spirit and Quran confirms he helps believes by a spirit from him which hadiths confirm is the Imam (a) and say the light which is walking among humans, is the Imam (a) as well. 
6. With respect to planets and the earth or mountains guiding, it has a philosophy, of why God delegated to humans in guidance, so aside from idolizing things, it says, why you have to seek the proper means of guidance and cut off those who say they represent the earth spiritually or Shamans claiming to be connected to the earth's spirit, etc, but this was less common but there is a philosophy to why you shouldn't rely on this notion of people delegated to represent the elements and earth or skies or universe.
7. It has said if they have an authority let them bring a book if truthful from God, so you need a book from God to prove it or some sort of sign/miracles or way to know.
8. It has said if they have an authority those claiming to represent Angels from humans let them open all ways to the sky and ascend and travel by whichever means.
9. It has said God attributes purity to who he wishes to and shown the likes and ways of doing that with his chosen, and says not for us to choose or attribute purity to who we don't know have Taqwa let alone purity to the level of representing truth and being the means to enlightenment.
10. Shown corruption takes place in religious leaders and so to trust only chosen certain people to be luminaries or navigators by the name of God with no one else to mixed with religious authority.

That said, none of these conditions apply to Ahlulbayt. You equating it has shown you have not understood the Quran dialogue with respect to this. Because while it condemn their chaotic approach with all this to the extent they called their non-proven chosen ones as gods,  Ahlulbayt are bought servants who obey God and don't precede him in speech and do what he commands them with respect to being exalted but not gods, and has shown they have miracles to prove them and all means to the skies and earth to prove their authority, and a long with that, a recitation from him calls to them and proves their purity. And intercession not being a way of God interceding souls, is condemned, but God using chosen ones to intercede and accepting their prayers with respect to those on earth, is proven through out it's pages. Also, Angels ask forgiveness, but it's only those who God named as intercessors for us to be sought to be sought intercession. And he has entire Surahs on the theme of witnesses witnessing our deeds, asking forgiveness, and telling us that Mohammad (s) is to be sought for this, as well as those who grant security and safety, witness our deeds like him by contextual flow, and that his prayers for souls who find themselves in peril in God's decision, Mohammad (s) intercession and prayers become a means of tranquility for them.

And while he condemns seeking help from Jinn we don't know are Angels, he has told us he has adorned in the sky connected to this world, starts which are missiles against devils and protection and asylum he has safeguarded from devils.  And he has said to Mohammad (s) if he can connect and bring a miracle/proof by connecting someone to this sky reality and earth, and descend a path to it, to do so. But disbelievers if Mohammad (s) tried, would 99.99999% likely think they going crazy or some sort of sorcery is being done upon them. 

And so Quran says, don't call chosen ones gods, but exalt them to the extent don't exalt others below them nor exalt them ever beyond exalted because leaving that sacred territory and forbidden territory leads to worshiping them and they are no where near God's status (1). Don't seek them by ignorance, for God will prove them (2). Seek a revelation and book from him attributing purity with clarification of who the guides are (3). Don't mix authority of humans for religion because God establishes luminaries to be sought alone without mixing their central role others (4). Their intercession they do, but recognize God decides at the end more so, because he controls the heart of the one who can receive intercession and they cannot guide or help or bring a sign without his permission so rely on God yet said to seek their intercession and ask those who we know are interceders with God. (5) Said not to seek hidden being for magic power but rather seek refuge in the family of the reminder who are stars of guidance and who will bring us to wonders and beauty and be weapons against Satanic forces and way to repel and cure the dark magic (6) Has delegated the means to sky and connecting proofs to Mohammad (s) and his family, but warned, without God's guidance and allowing the heart to be ready, even that power and connection won't happen, but if it can happen, God has commanded Mohammad (s) if he can, to always connect  a human to this guidance and same is true of the Imam (a) of time.(7) Don't centralize for authority remembrance fame and control any other then God's chosen family and so find the chosen guides with proof from God and not based on conjecture or whims (8) Seek their help is fine for they can guide you in ways you cannot expect, connecting you to the sky above and realm beyond is one means of signs, but also teaching you inward states of good deeds and manifesting prayers and weapons and skills that you all place in the words "by the name of God" when you recall the truth of that for God establishes the proper means of ascending and honing magical skills of the soul and guiding in this respect to the extent they are arrows and weapons against the devils, and shield protecting you and asylum to hear God's plan and be veiled from the eyes of the sorcerers and devils (9)
In fact it's gone to the extent to say the highest veils have been the trial of all of God's words from beginning to end and it's through them the tree spoke as they are the tree of life, but you have to believe God speaks through them. And this why Adam (a) fell, because he doubted, because Iblis (la) disbelieved in their God and accused the exalted ones of having a foolish God doing a wrong thing by delegating Adam (a) and placing the chosen ones among humans as he saw his reality was much superior and close to God being of fire/light type nature over vulnerable moldy clay like nature.
The exalted ones the original exalted ones who were the tree of life not to be envied (eaten from) - this has been the trial from beginning till now. 

You disconnect yourself from them, and there is no guidance, no way to connect to God. So careful my friend.  Don't deny realities and don't try to compare those lower them (including all the others Ahlulbayts) with them, they are something else, and changed the way the world worked and was pulled to God when they took their position in the sky of this world. The soothsayers abilities were severely reduced, Devils lost, and sorcery power became easier to be defeated and the light brighter and the grounding word that firmly establishes believers, firmer.
Do not deny their reality so as to become blind to the light you are connected nor love them ever more then God, but seek to approach and please God through them, and connect their pleasure to God's. 
We pray to God but seek their help as an act of etiquette to exalt them and honor them.  You don't lose points with God if you exalt his chosen ones without trespassing to the level of love towards God nor do the exalted ones remind of anything but God and praying to God is central, but also, talking and saluting and seeking intercession of exalted ones, and wanting to spiritually connect to them is the way with making God the goal in all that.
With much well wishes and blessings and peace and God's mercy be upon you as well, and may God guide us all.
By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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