Abul Qassim al khoei fatwa regarding touching of genitals between same gender

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Shia can grab each other genitals for fun .

In the book "Siraatun-Najaat" a collection of Ayatollah al-Kho'ei Fataawa, p.260-261, question # 784, reads:

"Is it permissible for the man to touch the awrat [genitals] of another man over clothes, and for the woman to (touch) another woman's awrat just for fun and teasing with the assumption that it won't cause sexual desire?

al-Kho'ei: Not prohibited with the assumption mentioned, and Allah knows best.

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Oww, before i forget akhy this is the scanned page of the fatwa of Allamah ayatollah Abul Qassim al khoei


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Thanks bro waiting for the shias to disregard Ayatollah al khoei's book and fatwas because most of the mainstream shias know that his fatwa are against both aql and naql,and one thing i like about them (mainstream shias) they'll come out clearly and say he doesn't represent the shia creed these are just his opinions and he has no manzila(authority)  in the shia 'authentic' books

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May Allah guide the Shi'a to the truth. Ameen.

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