Any shia think they are better than angel and prophet? Collecting money 4 imams

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The Shia Belief about Khums (the Official Share of the Spoils of War),
and Why It Is Incorrect

The Shia made up the innovation of the imamate, as a founding belief of their sect, and they claimed that their imams numbered twelve, but they did not leave it at that. In fact, they went too far. Here is al-Khomeini saying, "Our imams have a station that cannot be reached, neither by a cherished angel, nor by a prophet sent." The Shia also claim that those imams have super powers and that they know the unseen…and so on, from their shocking claims.
     The Shia say that their twelfth imam is their last imam, but he has been in hiding, underground, for over one thousand years, and will emerge again at the end of time.
     Therefore, the Shia are waiting for him to come out of the place they claim he is hiding in.
     However, the Shia have come up with a clever phrase through this story which no sane person could ever believe, in order to collect vast amounts of money for the sake of this claim, by saying that collecting it is only for the hidden imam's awaited return.
     As a result, those in high religious positions among the Shia have taken the Khums, or one-fifth, of all acquisitions by reason of collecting it for someone alleged to have been in hiding for over one thousand years.
     However, the truth is that these large amounts of money they collect, together with the permission they give themselves to engage in what is called mut`a marriage—which is, in reality, nothing more than sexual permissiveness (due to Prophet Muhammad's, sws, prohibition of it)—are considered the most prominent pleasures of this short, temporary world whose inhabitants have been deluded by it.

The burning question, therefore, would be:
If the Shia claim that their imams are better than the prophets and messengers, and if the prophets and messengers did not need anyone to collect such large sums of money for them, or any money for that matter, and regardless of that fact, they were helped and supported by Allah (Blessed & Most High), and He made them a reason for His creation to be guided and reformed on earth, then how do the imams, who, according to the beliefs of the Shia, are better than the prophets and messengers and of higher status, need any of this money which the Shia scholars have collected for them?!!
     How much longer will they continue to collect these enormous amounts of money?!!
     And what does that prove?!!
     Without a doubt, in addition to the Shia claims and beliefs that sound human nature and righteous minds cannot accept, we find a glaring, obvious contradiction in this, which proves its objectionable nature and falseness.
     In contrast to the beliefs the Shia claim, we find that the creed of the adherents of the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sws) is a pure and clear creed. It does not contain the least conflict or contradiction, which proves that they are the keepers of the truth which the chosen, trustworthy prophet, Muhammad (sws), came to proclaim.


They need Khumm's payment to survive.


To compliment the title of your thread I want to post this hadith:

Mohammed bin al-Hasan bin Ahmed bin al-Waleed related to me from

Mohammed bin al-Hasan as-Saffar… from Mohammed bin Qays and Aamir bin as-Simt that

Abu Ja'far (as) related that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

On the Day of Resurrection, some people dressing clothes of light with luminous faces whom

will be identified by the signs of prostration will come.

They will overstep the rows until they stand in front of the Lord of the worlds.

The prophets, angels, shahids, and righteous people will envy them. Omar bin al-Khattab asked:

O Allah's Messenger, who are they whom the prophets, angels, shahids, and righteous men will envy?

The Prophet (pbuh) answered: They will be our Shia, and Ali (as) will be their imam.


Refer to Mishkat ul-Anwar; 97, al-Burhan; 4:293 H.13, Bihar ul-Anwar; 7:179 H.18.


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