Shah Ismail Killed his mom because she married with a sunni commander..!

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"When Shah Ismail entered Tabriz he didn't face any resistance (from the people) yet he  slaughtered them. On his command, the bellies of the pregnant sunni women were sliced. The graves of Sultan Yaqub and others were opened and their bones were taken out and burned. The 300 prostitues of Tabriz were gathered on one place and they got cut in two with swords. The head of 800 people from the region Alwan were chopped off. The dogs of tabriz were killed too. After Ismail killed many people he ordered his mother to be brought to him. He learned that his mother married a commander from Bayandur dynasty and upon that he ordered (his soldiers) to chop of her   head. I don't think after Neron, there was any opressor in history like him (Ismail)"

"The voyages of Venetians in iran,(Translated into persian by:Manuchohr Ameeri),Publishing house Kharazm,Tahran,1381(2003),p. 436)"

Note from me:"Bayandur dynasty was a sunni turkish dynasty"

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thanks brother Furkan for translating the matn,May Allah give you the best rewards,inshallah

Al Dukhan

Astaqfirullah, its very disgusting history ! :-(
thanks for posting


This is why I always laugh when people say the Sunnis know more about history before the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم's death while the Shi'as know more about history after his عليه الصلاة والسلام's death.  The Shi'as don't know ANYTHING about Islamic history other than a few incidents that they keep repeating.

These guys are even sicker than ISIS and Bashar, may Allah protect us
كلُّ سُلامى من الناس عليه صدقة كلَّ يوم تطلع فيه الشمس، تَعدلُ بين اثنين صدقة، وتعين الرَّجل في دابَّته فتحمله عليها أو ترفع له عليها متاعَه صدقة، والكلمةُ الطيِّبة صدقة، وبكلِّ خطوة تَمشيها إلى الصلاة صدقة، وتُميط الأذى عن الطريق صدقة


May Allah reward you for sharing this information with us, brother Ahlus_sunnah.

Before Qazî Mihemed, President of the first kurdish Republic Mahabad was hanged the iranian judge asked:

“last words?”

Qazî: “I thank Allah: even in death he put my shoes above your heads”

Al Dukhan

May Allah protect us from each and every tyrant ! 'Aameen'.
And JazakAllah khairan brother ahlus_sunnah for sharing this info.


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