Shia Armed militias attack and displace tribes and rape women in Babil, Iraq

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Iraq: Armed militias attack and displace tribes in Babil
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 11:19

Armed militias loyal to Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki raped women in the town of Jurf Al-Sakhr, in the north of the Babil governorate, the Baghdad Centre for Human Rights said yesterday.

The organisation said in a statement that last Wednesday, militias stormed a house and raped a 20-year-old woman after they arrested 18 men from the area.

The statement said the centre received documents confirming the incident involving the woman who is also a mother of two.

They also published a video that includes testimonies of two women describing the militia's attack on women and men in the region.

A security source said earlier that six women were killed after being raped in the Babil governorate, 100 kilometres south of Baghdad.

The source, who declined to be named, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed news agency that the women's bodies were found dumped on the side of the road, a few hours after their disappearances. The source explained that elements from the Saraya Al-Salam, Asa'ib Ahl Al-Haq, and Badr militias imposed a blockade on the region in order to provide support for the Iraqi army in its attempt to regain control of an area controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS).

Further, the militias are accused of murdering and kidnapping civilians in Baghdad, Babil, Salahuddin, Diyala and Anbar.

Local residents stressed to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed news agency that a number of tribes may be displaced after armed groups burned homes after stealing their contents.
در خلافت میل نیست ای بی‌خبر
میل کی آید ز بوبکر و عمر
میل اگر بودی در آن دو مقتدا
هر دو کردندی پسر را پیشوا

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My advice is, don't bother with politics much... what's happening now is that the Rafidhah and the Khawarij are fighting, and Ahlul-Sunnah mainly pay the price.
عَلامَةُ أَهْلِ الْبِدَعِ الْوَقِيعَةُ فِي أَهْلِ الأَثَرِ. وَعَلامَةُ الْجَهْمِيَّةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ السُّنَّةِ مُشَبِّهَةً. وَعَلامَةُ الْقَدَرِيَّةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ السُّنَّةِ مُجَبِّرَةً. وَعَلامَةُ الزَّنَادِقَةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ الأَثَرِ حَشْوِيَّةً

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