The Sunni Defense update about Hassan Shemrani and Abu Ismail Al Farsi

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[Statement about Hassan Shemrani and Abdul Hameed Al Farsi]

After an unforunate series of events, two members from the Sunni Defense have decided to leave the group on the grounds of security reasons, and henceforth are no longer with us.

Instead of engaging the issues of contention between Sunnis and Shi'ites in an academic manner, notable online Shi'ite figures (i.e Tawhidi & co.) terrorized Hassan Shemrani and Abu Ismail Al Farsi wherein their parents and children were brought to the public sphere with harmful intent.

The Sunni Defense is an academic platform and is not interested, in engaging in petty personal attacks, for such actions only show the weakness of the opposing side.

From Official pages:
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در خلافت میل نیست ای بی‌خبر
میل کی آید ز بوبکر و عمر
میل اگر بودی در آن دو مقتدا
هر دو کردندی پسر را پیشوا

عطار نِیشابوری | |

bint e aisha

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

That's sad! May Allah protect both the brothers and their families and reward them immensely. Ameen

Abu Muhammad

Very, very sad indeed...  :'(

May Allah protect both brothers and their families... Aameen...


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