Turbah: Sajdah to the Imams*

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Re: Turbah: Sajdah to the Imams*
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Of course you can't say that for me because my logic supersedes yours.  By default, your logic sees mine as a threat and as is customary, you smear that which what you cannot explain (or comprehend).  I thought you would see the sarcasm in my comment (hint: cellar, hiding cave).
bold orange - oxymoron

I did but seeing how you have evaded all counter-rebuttals we have put forth, I have decided to speak with you on your (low) level, using your approach.
once you have agreed that prostrating on turbah is not shirk - that discussion is over. Close this thread.

Now the matter of nose touching exists. Start a new thread so we may discuss.

I have not declared sajdah (therefore prayers) invalid if not performed on carpet.  You, on the other hand, argue that sajdah is invalid if not made on soil (especially from Karbala).  See the difference? 
what about the list of other things I mentioned. My goldfish has better memory than you.

Fatwa (declaring kufr upon those who believe in tahreef) or nothing.  Do not try to run away from the point.  Actually, you already admitted that you cannot find such a fatwa.
I am not going to waste time on a wild goose chase. If I bring forth a fatwa, you will say it is taqiya; if I dont you will say shias believe in tahreef when you know for a fact that shias don't.


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