Shia & Sunni comparative perception on the Seerah

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Shia & Sunni comparative perception on the Seerah
« on: December 19, 2016, 04:42:13 AM »
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

This is put together by myself. Any thoughts, and feedback is most welcome.

Unfortunately, it did make the cut for it to be listed on the main site because of the lack of sources, but hey-ho, it'd be a waste if I didn't share with the rest of you bredrins.

Shia & Sunni comparative perception on the Seerah


Below is a comparison to demonstrate how Shias are one dimensional by focusing only on single incidents during the lifetime of the Prophet (SAW), so they can teach, promote, and propagate their corrupted yet polluted understanding of Islam. The Sunni approach is different, and far more exhaustive, we don’t play the hide, and seek Hadith games, and will concentrate on every ounce of detail to extract the right lessons, and understanding for the benefit of our personal deen.
The onus is on any Shia to come forward, and to present sources from their own literature which, documents these historical moments even if you’re quoting original Sunni historians. I sincerely believe all you’ll be able to find are nothing more than accomplishments of ‘Ali, and other members of the family of the Prophet (SAW).

Makkan period:

Sunnis: Focus on how the Sahaba were persecuted because they upheld the foundations of Tawheed, and refused to give in with the exception of 'Ammar ibn Yasir who was forgiven anyway. The rest would've rather preferred the sweetness of martyrdom.

Shias: Tight lipped as there is no significant yet authentic moment involving ‘Ali besides how the Prophet (SAW) allegedly nominated him as his successor when he was around 14 years of age. They refuse to comment on the virtue of the Sahaba’s resilience in the face of sadistic torture when, one would think they deserve equal, if not more recognition? The only exception is how ‘Ammar ibn Yasir was persecuted because to them based on false reports, or twisted interpretation of historical reports he was a supporter or "Shia" of ‘Ali. Funny, how they hardly ever curse Abu Jahal, or Abu Lahab who masterminded the whole revolt against the illustrious Sahaba.


Sunnis: Focus on how all the Sahaba sacrificed by leaving everything behind for the sake of following Allah’s instruction.

Shias: Common trait like with the Makkan period. To hell with the sacrifice they all made for the deen. The hijrah is exclusively about how ‘Ali (RA) slept in the bed of the Prophet (SAW).


Sunnis: Manly focus on the companion’s fortitude to do battle against impossible odds, and how Allah speaks highly of their elite victory in the Qur’an.

Shias: For a third time, Shias will dismiss their victory to the trash, and lullaby themselves by mentioning, and reminding the world how ‘Ali KO’d a Quraishi in a one-on-one dual. Undoubtedly a noble victory, but doesn’t overshadow that victory was achieved through collective effort by everyone (Sahaba) otherwise Allah would have singled out an individual in the Qur’an, and not addressed them as a unit/party.


Sunnis: Will certainly call it upfront, and state that the Muslims tasted somewhat of a defeat because of disobedience to Allah, and his Messenger (SAW). However, still fortunate by the will of Allah that Islam, and Madinah were not conquered.

Shias: Lick their lips like a scavenger waters his mouth when his prey is easy pickings. This is where Shias will boisterously, and smudge the character of the Sahaba to the ground, and once again typically sing ‘Ali’s heroics. They will totally turn a blind eye to the heroics of Talha who’s sacrificed his now disabled arm just to protect the life of the Prophet (SAW). Weird, right? They will forever renounce Umar, Uthman, and many of the other Sahaba for running away from the battlefield even though Allah has forgiven them. This is a clear-reflection of their hatred for these esteemed personalities. If Allah can forgive them for their short-comings, then who is the creation of the Creator to say otherwise?


Sunnis: Similarly, like Badr, the Sunnis will highlight how Allah confirmed the Sahaba were sacred more than anything else, but praised them in the end for their steadfastness, and conviction in that Allah will surely grant them victory, and indeed Allah did.

Shias: Dead silence like attending a Church on Sundays, and yet again no crediting the Sahaba for their contribution for keeping Madinah safe, but will narrate how ‘Ali defeated another foe, namely ‘Amir ibn ‘Abdi Wud.


Sunnis: Will highlight how this event really solidified the heart of the Sahaba, and how Allah raised their ranks in the Qur’an because AGAIN they were willing to fight against unspeakable odds.

Shias: Will condemn ‘Umar for the way he spoke to the Prophet (SAW) once the treaty was signed, and sealed. Plus, they will complain endlessly, and ridicule the Sahaba for disobeying the Prophet (SAW) from shaving their hair, LMAO. It’s like a movie with a pornographic scene; let’s fast forward the parts/bits that will land us in trouble.

Conquest of Makkah:

Sunnis: Talk about how Allah has promised ALL Sahaba in the Qur’an goodness as a result of this victory. (Qur’an 57:10)

Shias: Speechless, so super fast-forward to Ghadir Khum.

Final Haj Farewell:

Sunnis: Focus on the final message of the Prophet (SAW) to his Ummah, and if we were to execute those pearls of wisdom in our lives we shall join him in Jannah.

Shias: Forget about how he (SAW) performed his Haj, and reflecting on the innerness of his final sermon at Arafat, this incident is exclusively about ‘Ali’s supposed divine appointment as the next leader of the Muslims?

Death of the Prophet (SAW):

Sunnis: With a heavy heart talk about how it’s the worse day in the history of this Ummah that we lost our master, and emphasise with great compassion what we need to do in order to follow in his steps, so we may be re-united with him in the Akirah.

Shias: Shamelessly, and heartlessly ignore the magnitude of such an event, and devote this day to ‘Ali like they traditionally do, or try, and do with every other major event in the Seerah. The Shias out of all days choose this day to slander the character of the Sahaba especially the senior one by having the audacity to declare them as renegade apostates by opposing ‘Ali’s divine right of leadership after the Prophet (SAW). The stage is also set for them to berate ‘Umar like there’s no tomorrow how he purportedly referred to the Prophet (SAW) as delirious. When, a group can muster the guts to utter such statements that go against the Qur’anic values that speak highly of these noble people then you know such people are indeed the Sahaba of Iblis.


The Sunni approach is far more objective, and encompasses all the small/big incidents in each historical event in the Seerah, and derive wisdom that benefit the masses in order to attain Allah’s mercy, and this in return earn Jannah, Insh’Allah. The Shias, however have an unhealthy obsession with the family of the Prophet (SAW), and elevate them higher than what they ever claimed for themselves, and supposedly claim how they were victimised by the Sahaba.  This results in nothing beneficial, but embroils more hatred in their hearts for the Sahaba, and in return risking suffering the wrath of Allah (SWT) on that Day.

May Allah enrich our hearts for the right level, and type of love for the family of the Prophet (SAW), and the Sahaba, and enjoin us with them on the Day of Judgement, Ameen.
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Re: Shia & Sunni comparative perception on the Seerah
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2016, 01:56:47 PM »
I would like to thank brother Farid for the idea, and brother Hani (including Farid) for their academic/brotherly support.

May Allah reward you both Jannah Al-Firdaus, and many hoorz. :)


Re: Shia & Sunni comparative perception on the Seerah
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2016, 03:00:51 AM »
Jazak Allah khairan. I hope this post gets them thinking about their lack of efforts in the seerah field.

Related: Hadith Al Dar in Mekkan period:


Re: Shia & Sunni comparative perception on the Seerah
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2016, 06:11:57 PM »
The shia will only mention the 10% of seerah that involves Ali or reports which are used to pick out faults of sahaba.

Any sincere muslim who looks into the seerah of the messenger (SAW) thoroughly, will only have love & admiration for the companions as they are interchangably linked to the majority of the seerah.

By deliberately ignoring the seerah, the shia can promote their anti-sahaba beliefs.


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