Looking for a narration - "A person's family is responsible for his burial"

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Abu Z.

Salam aleikom brothers,

First of all, Eid Mubarak, taqaballah minna wa minkum,

I just registered on this forum, kept me busy for some 20 minutes as it was claiming I was a robot LOL.

Anyway, I did like the anti robot measurement and the choices available.

The reason for this topic and me registering here is that I am looking for a narration.

On, Ibn al Hashemi's site, under the chapter of Saqifah he mentions the following:

    “A person’s family and relatives are the ones responsible for arranging his burial.”

    (Sunan Abu Dawood, Vol. 2, Page 102)

I've looked for it online, under the chapter of Janaa'iz in Sunan Abu Dawud, on shamela, but couldn't find it. I think it is possible the reference is faulty. Would like to know which exact narration this is.


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Re: Looking for a narration
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Walaikum Salam wr wb,

Welcome to the forum brother. Insha'Allah, brothers will help.
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Abu Z.

Jazakalahu khair akhi,

Its btw also not the Musnad of Abu Dawud at Tiyaalisi,

Hope brothers can help out.


I tried running a quick search but didn't find anything either.

Welcome to the boards.

Al Dukhan

welcome, Hope baba farid will answer soon ! Insha'Allah


You're looking for an opinion from 'Ali about who is responsible for the kafan and not a direct hadith from the Prophet imo.

If this is a translation for the actual hadith, they JayshAllah really censored up the translation.

The Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam asked Syeduna Ali to ensure that no one except him wash him (after his death). He told him, "No one has ever seen me naked least he turns blind." [Bazaz, Vol 1, Page 400 - Dalali an-Nabuwwah lil Baihaqi, Vol 7, Page 244 ]

From a Barelwi site, and similar traditions are also in Twelver books.

Abu Z.

Re: Looking for a narration - "A person's family is responsible for his burial"
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Barakallahufiek dear brothers.


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