Question about narration upon Abdel Malik Ibn Marwan

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Question about narration upon Abdel Malik Ibn Marwan
« on: July 20, 2016, 01:29:40 AM »

I have almost finished my work about Abou Hourayra but I have a problem.

I have found this narration saying

" Abou Hourayra have shown Marwan Ibn Malik when he was yet kid saying

This man will govern Arabs"

 in this website

Acording to me this hadith is linked with the fact Abou Hourayra, like Hudeyfa, knews political troubles so he knews who would be in this fitna. etc...

My question is someone know the grade of this naration and someone can bring me this narration entirely for know the context.?

Also if someone know the same things about the narration when Abou Hourayra said " I'm affraid about the years 60 I want to die before " (linked with the second fitna, death of Hussein etc...)

Barak Allah ou fikoum
Abou Hourayra narrated that the messenger saws said:

"“There will come to the people years
of treachery (...) the Ruwaibidhah will decide matters.”
It was said

 'Who are the Ruwaibidhah?'

The Prophet replied:

 “Vile and
ignorant men who will speak in the affairs of the people.”


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