13:7 - For every people there is a Guide.

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13:7 - For every people there is a Guide.
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The Torah to the Gospels and books between are filled with examples of miracles by God through Guides that prove the Guide and God's guidance.

The Quran is also filled with examples of that.

13:7 is arguing that - the earth is never left without a guide who can perform miracles by God's permission that are proofs of the authority of the Guide.

Now we know there was a period without Messengers between Mohammad (s) and Isa (a), so what does this mean? It means the guide performing miracles was hidden and not in public.

A Nabi is one who receives scripture from God for the people and a Messenger is who delivers the clear message to the public. A Guide is who leads people back to God by his permission and is a caller to God by God's permission.

The earth is never without a Guide who can perform miracles that are signs and proofs.  The verse is contextually talking about miracles, it says Mohammad (s) can only warn through such miracles - people might not accept them as proofs but accuse him of sorcery - and for every people there is a Guide that can perform such miracles and these miracles are meant to guide but people might not accept the truth when shown to them.

Something amazing about Tasfir Imam Hassan Al-Askari (a) is how it emphasizes on miracles. This is because miracles are important part of people growing in faith and is also a test.

For example, one of the miracles Imam Hassan Alsakari (a) talks about how some hypocrites believed as a result, some disbelievers believed, but also that some believers renegaded and accused the Prophet (s) of being a sorcerer and that it was sorcery.

This is what miracles do, they drive to you a final test if one's accept God's power or not.  If people want to rebel and not obey, they accuse the doer of being a sorcerer.

We can conclude that miracles are emphasized in the past to have a place in the future and present. Every people have a guide, even during the time without Messengers, who can perform miracles.

The only reason God doesn't send with miracles to a people at any given time - is only due to previous generations denying them, and he sends them only to cause fear.

We can see that people reporting miracles of Imams (a) are often labelled extremists and accused of lying.  We can see the generations opposing the Imams (a) made the miracles cease in purpose, and if God makes miracles public at a time when humans are rebellious, it will result in their destruction.

Now this might happen, if they oppress believers, it's upon God to deliver the believers, but it maybe most of the world will be oppressed and believers are not a rallying point for oppressed, and so the way where oppressors are destroyed while oppressed and believers saved seems likely.

There is a verse that says not a city will remain but God will punish it severely or destroy it before the day of judgment.  As for severely punished, this means, trials like the plagues Pharaoh faced, and the tests they faced. If they repent, they will be forgiven, but if they are stubborn, they will be destroyed.

Instead of taunting God to make the Imam public, in which, miracles will likely cause destruction of many who are not ready, we ought to our best to wait in a way that prepares the people for the Mahdi, and not in the taunting manner the disbelievers wait.

We both are waiting, one is waiting expecting it, and trying to prepare the people for it, while the other does so in taunting manner, bring it on manner, and a manner that they mock as if it's not going to happen.

By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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