42:23 is a response to accusations of reward, not saying Mohammad (s) seeks any

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The reward verses are accusations and responses.  The response by the believer in Surah Yaseen is that the sent ones don’t seek any reward from the people. However, from perspective, they are false, they obviously are seeking a reward as a motive.  From perspective, they are from God, what is the accusation then?

The sent ones are told to respond in a more "I understand your perspective if I'm false, but consider if I'm true, what the motivations would be then for God to establish what you accuse me as a reward". Thus God tells Messengers to respond in a more neutral way, while, we see a believer does not see that they seek a reward from him.

(1) Obeying Mohammad (s):

Perspective of truth:  Obeying Messenger is obeying God, submission is to God not to him.
Perspective of falsehood: Mohammad is seeking power and wants to control society.

(2) Praising Mohammad (s):
Perspective of truth: Appreciating and loving Messenger is a means to God and purifies the heart.
Perspective of falsehood: Wants to be famous and loves attention.

(3)  Mohammad (s) being a Ruler:
Perspective of truth: God is the True King and sent his Messengers to establish his authority and represent it properly. Government is important and God guides pertaining to it.
Perspective of falsehood: Power hungry, and wants to rule people for sake of power.

(4) Mohammad (s) having succession in his bloodline from Fatima (s):
Perspective of truth: God established such authority in offspring of Ibrahim (a), and offspring of Haroun (a), and always does this, to limit falsehood claimers of authority, and minimize how much can claim leadership and succession of the Prophet (s) and help truth in this regard and to create a unity of the Mutaqeen with regards to the leaders they follow generation after generation.  God puts his chosen in kinship relationships for a reason and out of wisdom.
Perspective of falsehood: Mohammad (s) wants a monarchy and is using religion to establish a legacy of a monarchy in his offspring.

The verse 42:23 in this respect, with a series of verses about accusation of the Prophet (S) including 25:57 saying “What reward do I ask regarding it except for who wants: to take towards their Lord a path”, is saying:
“All this accusation from perspective Mohammad (s) is false of a motive you accuse him, what is all that accusations but in reality, from perspective he is true, but to recognize and love the holy family for who they are”

Thus everything they accuse of reward, is in reality, just accepting Ahlulbayt for who they are. 

The Surah ends with that the path is of God’s and emphasized through out it’s really about God and his Welayah, and he sent Mohammad (s) and appointed his family, as a means to establish truth and his Welayah.
The path of those who God favored is the path of God, alas, to God return all matters.
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By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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