Aaron in Quran and Bible and the Satanic propaganda against him.

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Something very odd

God has honored his chosen ones so they all take significant roles. Something odd takes in the minds of the people regarding Harun (a), in that, they actually believe he died before Musa (a) and never took on the station of leadership and steering people as head of the people except for 40 days when Musa was gone. I say this is odd, because when we read about any chosen one in Quran, we automatically assume they took leadership at some point. In fact, Quran has emphasized leadership as a station of the Prophets and Messengers, and Imam Reda (a) regarding leadership (Imammate) says it's the station of God's Prophets and Messengers. To make Harun (a) an exception seems odd. This also more complex, because, if he didn't succeed, what role as a Prophet did he play? Did he reveal revelation and scripture along side Musa's (a) time, and what significance can such a revelation have, in that case? This is putting the significance of Nubuwa and Resalah both in low regard. Nubuwa is a complex thing, in which, it's intertwined with the message of the Messenger who is the receiver of the revelation. Both the role of the message and reception of a scripture would be odd if Harun died before Musa.

The concept of Ahlulbayt is important

We are not the first people to be appointed a family of guidance and household of revelation, this concept is important in all times. One of the first thing the devil needs to do is distort in the minds of people this concept that God revealed in all times, before, he can lead people astray. Indeed, the Ahlulbayt of Ibrahim (a) is emphasized, which leads to the verses regarding the righteous offspring of Harun (a) in the Torah. The Jews distorted the talk of Ibrahim to be about that they are his blood descendants or that of Yaqoub. To be from the a chosen leader and be born from their love and light of guidance, is the true meaning of bani-Israel. The Quran talking about bani-Israel said they were offspring of those who were carried with Nuh so they weren't even all offspring of Nuh which definitely means not all offspring of Yaqoub.

What The Bible says regarding Aaron

The Bible sets the theme of Abraham's family and chosen offspring, and the covenant of authority in such chosen souls, then emphasizes Aaron to be the one who the chosen offspring will be of. A covenant is taken regarding Aaron and his offspring, only to be taken back. Aaron and his sons are rebuked for failing to guide or even participating in idolatry of when the golden calf was taken.

Mariam the sister of Moses and Aaron also has a significant role. She was who through mana was given to bani-Israel. yet all of a sudden she becomes jealous of Moses top authority in which she convinces Aaron to dispute. She dies of leprosy as a result, and Aaron is severely condemned with her and would soon die as well, although, Aaron is seen to be enticed by Mariam and is less responsible.

The prayer of Moses per Quran regarding Aaron was that God would remove the knot on his tongue, but this was after, Moses made that prayer regarding the one who God would send per the Bible. It seems God emphasized on Aaron having this role and for Musa to prepare the way only to change his mind about Aaron.

This seems like an obvious distortion for people sincere to God and his way with the Messengers, but let's see if Quran agrees with it or not.

Quran about the two men who feared God

Yushua son of Noon was said to be the 2nd person with Moses who was left that feared God and was still righteous among the people, while everyone else had deviated. The Quran however shows, that Musa says regarding himself and Harun, "I have no authority over anyone except myself and my brother..."

The Quran obviously would never agree that Harun had deviated and was no longer righteous. And so this would be one place where the Quran clearly disagrees with Yushua son of Noon in the Bible. And if Yushua ibn Noon was alive, why wasn't he included in who Musa has authority over as a Prophet would have obeyed Musa like Harun did.

Quran about the family of Aaron

The singular with respect to the "family of Musa" and "family of Aaron" shows they were one family. The Ahlulbayt of Aaron is deemed to be the Ahlulbayt of Moses. This is an important correction as there was not two holy offspring in terms of leadership.

Offspring of Aaron according to hadiths

The offspring of Aaron is where the successorship was per hadiths of our sources. Again, this is important as the concept of Ahlulbayt is important.

The silence about Yushua ibn Noon in Quran

If he had the significance, people believe about him, then he would be mentioned everywhere like Harun was mentioned, or in fact, Harun would be unimportant and not mentioned, and instead Yushua ibn Noon mentioned.

Not mentioning him while mentioning every other successor of Moses till Isa (a) is for a reason. It's simple and not complicated, despite some hadiths affirming Yushua ibn Noon, it's obvious the Quran doesn't affirm him and doesn't agree with Jews view about Aaron and his offspring losing the original covenant taken about them.

The knot on Musa tongue and Surah Inshirah

The knot on Musa tongue and the constriction on his heart, is a theme, and in the Quran, Mohammad (s) has a constriction on his chest, as well, due to the what people say. The propaganda made it hard for Mohammad (s) to speak the truth in the most clear and eloquent way he was capable of. The knot on Musa tongue and the reason why Aaron is more eloquent in tongue, is due to the situation they are in. Part of the propaganda was saying why a human, why not an Angel, why not a mansion, and them belittling Mohammad (s), and this per Quran put a constriction on his heart. The Quran says by Harun Musa prayed that he would alleviate the knot and remove it and there are versions (paraphrasing) of that prayer through out Quran that show what they all mean.

Surah Inshira says by the name of God God removed the constriction on his heart. Samuel (a) means name of God, and here is an allusion to Ali (a). Keeping in mind all the verses about this subject, the Quran is stating one with the station of God's Name has the same station to Mohammad (a) as did Harun (a) did with Musa (a).

Seth and Samuel names are not mentioned in Quran in Hebrew Arabicized form, but they are alluded to here in this Surah. Seth means set by God, Harun means Exalted (Ali) or High mountain, and here the final line "fansab" is an allusion to Seth name which the Bible on being the successor of Adam (a).

Mariam (a)

Believe it or not, one of the contentions Bani-Israel had with Isa (a) and his mother (a) was simply due to her name. This is not only due to what it means but it was due to low regard of the first Mariam of which the 2nd Mariam was named after. This is why they mocked her as the sister of Harun, meaning, she is not named after anyone significant in their view, and they didn't say Musa, because they have low regard of Harun.

The problem is both of them God did miracles through, the first Mariam (a) is who God fed bani-Israel when they had no food miraculously. The Quran confirms that he brought down the Mana, and so this was through Mariam (a). The 2nd Mariam (a) also would have food delivered to her by God which can't be a coincidence.

All in all, we see Quran, disagrees with the position Bani-Israel took towards Aaron (a) and the first Mariam (a). The position of Quran is clear, when God chooses,, he knows his chosen ones before they came to this world and knows where the holy spirit resides and knows they will be instance of the holy spirit before coming to this world.

The hadith about Ali (a) and Harun (a)

Lot (a) position to Abraham (a) , was similar to Harun (a) to Musa (a), and Ali (a) to Mohammad (s). However, in the case of Lot, due to his situation with his people, it was wiser for God to put the offspring in Abraham to inherit the leadership. This is one reason among many the Bible while honoring Lot, also, condemns him. It's because it would be obvious allusion to Harun (a), and this would lead to obvious position of Ahlulbayt (a) and Ali (a).

Zakariya (a) prayer regarding Yahya (a) was because he didn't trust his relatives who inherit from him, and so rather then Isa (a) be his successor, prayed that he would have a son and that he would prepare the way for Isa (a). Now people might wonder, what the heck is the difference, both Yahya (a) and Isa (a) are chosen by God, but the fact, is, his family (Zakiriya's immediate family, not talking about his chosen Ahlulbayt which is Musa, Harun and their successors and the chosen ladies (Two Mariams)) was such they would take advantage of the situation but was such they would support Yahya (a) as he would be closer to them in blood.

God's wisdom, he makes who he wishes have no offspring and who wants have offspring. He chose a female Fatima (a) for Mohammad (s), and males for Ali (a) (Hassan (a) and Hussain (a)) and he chose Hassan (a) to have no chosen offspring.

His wisdom is for a reason, and this allusion takes place at the end of Surah Shura (42nd Chapter) which the love of Ahlulbayt verse is found (42:23).

The wisdom in putting in offspring of Abraham (a) is because he knew all would accept it at the end times, that Abraham's family is holy. Aaron and his offspring, God knew would not be easily accepted.

At the end, all this, is to make it hard for Mohammad (s) to clarify the position of Ali (a) and his family (a).

Sarah (a) is emphasized and easily seen to be holy, but, Mariam (a) sister of Harun (a) and the great grand daughter of Harun (a), both had a harder time. Fatima (s), Ali (a) and the offspring of Hussain (a) and the 9 in a line one son after another, has a wisdom too.

The Quran concept of Ahlulbayt is static and dynamic. There is always an Ahlulbayt in all times, there is always Twelve Successors to the founder, and there are always at least one holy lady among the Ahlulbayt. Generally, these families are males, yet, there always females among them.

Where they are dynamic is how one successor is related through blood. Yahya (a) to Isa (a) was cousin to cousin, and Quran showed exactly, the wisdom of that, and the role Zakariya (a), his wife (a), Mariam (a) and Yahya (a) and Isa (a) all had with one another.

The 9 offspring son after son of Hussain (a) was also a wise reason. And we witnessed historically.

Ali (a) marrying Fatima (a) and seed connected to Mohammad (a) is also a wise reason. And this is the real reason why Mariam (a) and Isa (a) role, it was God's final measure tot ensure we connect the line of Ali (a) to Mohammad (s), even though, even without Fatima (a), we would be required to by the talk of Aaron (a) and Musa (a) and the one Ahlulbayt they had.

The hadith about Ali (a) and Harun (a) paints as clear words you can possibly say to clarify that Ali (a) is his chosen successor. But Iblis and his forces seek to make the most clear things ambiguous and created a red herring about Harun (a) not being successor.

Even if Harun (a) was not successor, it would still prove Ali (a) position because Harun (a) is chosen still by God to be with Musa (a) and authority for 40 days for the sake of the argument. But what was more sad, is that it's clear Harun (a) is the successor of Musa (a) but that people held to the propaganda otherwise out of a red herring!

The hate towards Lot (a), Harun (a), Ali (a) and Talut (a) in the Quran if for real, for real. These Messengers by God are holy and have a vital role to play. What I mean by this hatred belittled to have insignificant roles, when, the Quran is clear they are chosen for a very vital important role of guidance and leading humans upon the right path.

Harun (a) is belittled out of hatred towards Ali (a) because of how clear the hadith about Ali (a) is.
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