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Title: Ahlulbayt are clear in the Quran.
Post by: Soccer on July 07, 2020, 01:22:26 PM
If Quran is allowed to flow and contextualize it's own words, the leadership and position of the family of Mohamad (s) becomes vividly clear.

The problem with Quran is not that it's unclear, it's that there is sorcery upon it, that makes it hard for people to recite per natural language rules.  There are in many places, curses, preventing people from not only seeing the true interpretation which is verified by flow and by other verses of Quran, they in fact preventing people from seeing the possibility even...

In conjugation with that, is hardening of the heart, make things difficult in this regard. The sorcery is always given preference and one cannot see past it or believe otherwise, if their heart is hard.