Did Ibn Hajar have bad memory?

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Did Ibn Hajar have bad memory?
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Ibn Hajjar went out of his way to show (and he is a Sunni scholar) that Sunni Rijaal system and collections of hadiths were bias against Ahlulbayt (a). That they relied on haters of Ahlulbayt (a) such as Khawarij and would down play lovers of Ahlulbayt (a) hadith. However, he wanted to show even in this, they hid hadiths that were authentic per their standards.

He collected for example a book that showed there were many hadiths that were authentic per standards of Bukhari and Muslim but they didn't include in their books.

Now even those who accuse him of bad memory to deny a great portion of those hadiths, agree some hadiths he collected were authentic per standards of Bukhari and Muslim but not included.

The books to correct Ibn Hajjar for example still verify a large amount of hadiths that praise Ahlulbayt (a) but Bukhari and Muslim didn't include although fully authentic per their standards and per the narrators they emphasize on.

I have a theory. I believe a lot of narrators Bukhari and Muslim was known to Ibn Hajjar who was an earlier scholar in Ilmel Rijaal and later scholars are relying on ilmel rijaal that is updated and changed over time to down play hadiths in praise of Ahlulbayt (a).

Of course, they would never admit this, so they invented the lie that Ibn Hajjar had severe memory issues and confused everything up.

But the truth I believe is that earlier scholars of Rijaal have more accurate information then later ones but the only way to sabotage this truth, was to say Ibn Hajjar had severe memory issues when the way he writes and talks, nothing shows this.

He talks in a way he is certain.
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