Imam, Angels, Devils, Jinn and sorcery in general.

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Imam, Angels, Devils, Jinn and sorcery in general.
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Why a human leader?

In Islam, the task of guidance is delegated to a human. There is some reasons for this.

If delegated to an Angel, there is two scenarios: (1) They outwardly appear (2) They inwardly reveal themselves to certain people.

If (1), well their true nature is unseen, so they have take a form that's not the true form in the outward world, and they do this in Quran, as humans. But that's not their true form which has more dimensions to it then what we know. The problem is most humans aren't ready for (1) because they are in a state of rebellion and it will harm them.

If (2), then really, we are delegating guidance to people they reveal themselves to and it's about relying on these people, and not Angels directly.

Similar reasons, he has not delegated the guidance to earth, mountains, etc.

Therefore God out of his wisdom, delegated the task of guidance and representing him to a human since time of Adam (a) till now, per my belief.

The human is however not just an ordinary human but has perfected the true nature of a human which does has a reality in the Unseen realms as well.

However, this leader is such that his light is what illuminates all things and links back everything to God. He is God's Name.

Thus disbelieving in reality of this leader or not holding to him, is linked to disbelief in the true God.

This way to not complicate the issue of delegation, God out of his wisdom made the leader to both Jinn and humans, to be a human.

Devils think they are guided

Per Quran, the devils who are companions to misguided souls, think they are guided. The issue is how is this possible, if they witness the power of the holy spirit and it's overwhelming power?

They believe Ahlulbayt powers are self-acquired.

Many Jinn are of different paths and sects

The Jinn are not united themselves and are of different philosophies, however, per my understanding of Quran, anyone who doesn't respond to the caller of God - will be punished in hell because God's proof and leader is the only way towards God

What are Angels?

Angels are saintly Jinn, they are followers of Ahlulbayt (A) among the Jinn. There's then chosen Angels, also referred to "Angels drawn close" or "God's Angels", who like Prophets (a), are chosen and hence won't deviate.

The rest of Angels are like believers, they can be guided or misguided.

The power of God's forces among humans and Angels

God's forces from human and Angels, the ones he has chosen, I mean, their power is incredible and Quran points this out with the fact there is no more then 19 Angels on hell. There is only that much for all the Jinn and humans in there.

That means Jinn with all their power will not be able to overwhelm these 19 Angels.

And now Imam is even higher power then these 19 Angels, and so this increases faith in believers in Welayat of Ali (a), while people with a moral disease in their hearts, they have problems with powers delegated to God's forces.

The asylum from dark magic and devils

The family of the reminder is the refuge from all the dark magic and will help with the sword of the believer with their powers and sword, and they will suffice the believer against his enemies by God's permission.

God doesn't directly protect or annul dark magic, if he did the trial would be over and no one would doubt, but he does through the means of his chosen forces.

The Ahlubayt (a) are God's Name in this time, and are a refuge from the darkness and evil night that has come upon us.

There is always a family of the reminder in the sky reality, trying to guide humans back to God. This Ahlulbayt (A) is the strongest and hence changed some of the rules in this regard, no one can steal a hearing since Mohammad (S).

They also enforce judgment and retribution upon evil forces and veil the believer with barriers of light.

The issue of evidence to leadership

God attributes purity to who he pleases, that is per my understanding, there needs to be proof from God towards who we follow. Today I believe Quran is a proof in form of a miracle, that calls to following the family of Mohammad (S) and proves their leadership.

But the Imam (a) is also the guide who can provide miracles and prove the Quran as well.

We can ask God to make us meet and see the Imam (A) so to be shown signs and miracles, and be guided by his hands.
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