Islam and Twelver Shiism are false -Prophet (a) and Twelve Successors (a) chosen

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Moses (a) being chosen by God doesn't prove Judaism to be true.

Jesus (a) being chosen by God doesn't proven Christianity to be true.

Mohammad (s) being chosen by God doesn't proven Islam to be true.

The Twelve Successors (a) of Mohammad (s) being chosen by God doesn't proven Twelver Shiism to be true.

If there are proofs that either Islam and Shiism are true religions, the proof has to lie elsewhere then simply proving Mohammad (s) and his family (a) are chosen by God.

The evidence I see while truth is still to be found in Quran and hadiths to manifest insight, what is perceived to be Islam and all forms of Shiism including all forms of Twelve Shiism are false religions and false sects.

I will make the following claims:

1. "Islam" is not the name of the proper religion, it's simply a title among titles that describes it - and Quran has not singled it out as a title out of all titles but rather has emphasized on it for a different reason.  There are other titles for the religion in Quran. 

2. While it's necessary to recognize the Twelve Successors (a) of Mohammad (s) acknowledging them in one's mind is not a proof that we are upon the true sect or true religion.

3. History just as it was evidence children of Israel were unreliable representatives of God have shown Muslims to be unreliable representatives, but, rather, anyone who holds on to the tracks of generations is a disbeliever through and through just as children of Israel were who held on to generations that were obviously transgressors.

4. Twelver Shiism has copied too much of Sunnism in laws, approach to religion, and are playful to religion as much as Sunnis are,  and have twisted parts of Quran out of their place like Sunnis.  We attribute God what we aren't certain of nor have knowledge nor proof for and have made the Quran difficult to perceive and understand.  We have replaced a means of certainty and insights with conjecture and blind guesses.

5. Twelve Shiism although has enough hadiths that are means of insight and ways to break the sorcery of Iblis pertaining to Quran, are under the spell of Iblis pertaining to Quran and also the hadiths.  They are blind through and through, and as far scholars and their followers, it's blind leading the blind.

6.  The reason why we praise Imams (a) as much as we do and the way we do, has more with the reason Ibrahim (a) told his people, we've taken them as a means of love between ourselves. Yes, they are chosen by God and are ever close to him, the best of his creation, but that is not our intention.  If it was our intention, we would not forsake God's clear commands and teachings for what our scholars have said.  The reality of Christians Worshiping Jesus was not that they really cared for the person Jesus and loved him that much, but rather they cared about their own identity and hence their society and hence their scholars, who were the ones followed and worshipped really, but Jesus was used outwardly as equal to God while inwardly, their love of their scholars outstripped the love they have for both God or Jesus.  I'm accusing and being the notorious black knight that will be hated for this, of Twelver Shiism falling into similar traps.  Did the Imams (a) really want us to being all this poetic latmiyas in crowds and hearing rinse and repeat teachings of scholars without question, while the hadiths which are necessary requirement to understand Quran, are ignored?  This will bring the next point.

7. Twelve Shiism aside from twisting verses out of their place, ignoring repeated themes of Quran to justify their crook system, follows too much innovation.  We may think there is no harm in all these acts of devotion to love of Ahlulbayt, but the fact is, the religion of God is meant for all humans.  God knows how we function, economy, our mental stamina, limited time, resources, etc, and has founded the religion in a very calculative way for all humans.  We think we have the right to innovate in religion when we don't.  The hadiths are clear but also Quran says when it comes to religion, you need proof, you need proof either through knowledge or a certainty of God enjoining it and says to only follow what has been revealed by God.   We make an innovation and then people have prove it's harmful we abandon it, while, the religion of God is such that it's supposed to be followed on knowledge and insight and anything we attribute to God should be based on knowledge and have proof.   This innovating and then having people prove it's wrong, is a very evil approach that assumes, God needs us to add on to this religion and he isn't wise and smart enough to perfect our path and that we share in his authority of the heavens and the earth - and are doors towards God and his pleasure.

8. Authority is really only reliable when there is testable means.  If a mason doesn't know how to build, the building crumbles.  If Engineers are talking conjectures, bridges will not stay over years and years.  Physics is not conjecture or planes won't fly.   Unfortunately, we don't see the effects of going astray in religion or being on truth of it, till the next world. The nature of guidance is hidden and unseen path.  It requires everyone to gain insight with certainty and measure their own actions before they are assessed.  Thus, comparing "experts" of Mechanical Engineers who fix a car to a religious scholar and religion, is invalid for this reason.

9. Say there was a means of measuring (we ignore the point above), still, have we held our scholars accountable?  They are divided on so many issues, while Imam Ali (a) has shown why this is not justified in a very clear and concise sermon.  The Quran guides and the Prophet (s) didn't fall short of explaining it.  The Imams (a) also conveyed messages regarding it that will give us the necessary insights where we lack.  If we understand, we will unite. If we are divided, it's because we don't understand.

10.  Rulership should be by the knowledgeable is proven by Quran and hadiths, this is true, and sermon of Mina of Imam Hussain (a) although the most explicit in this, is not the only proof.  But look at the words calculated by Imam Hussain (a).  Did he even acknowledge government as in a power on top of society or did he use particular words that show government has a function but is not to be seen as an authority? They are responsible over the affairs of people and conducting the laws of God, but why didn't Imam Hussain (a) say that power or rulership belongs to them?  Also, among the words of Imam Hussain (a) in sermon of Mina, is what has allowed the enemies to gain control was following ambiguity when there existed clear proofs. We are in what time and age, and still most Muslims can't see Ahlulbayt (a) in Quran.  And among the reasons is that scholars are coming up with their own reasoning and not using the clear proofs Ahlulbayt (a) used to defend their case in Quran which in the most part was simply a linguistic unbinding of dark magic from Iblis they did - their words with little reflection - break what we have been cursed with all our lives to not be able to perceive, they showed the clear words and context proved their case and that there was nothing unclear about God's words.  Our scholars in general love ambiguity, they love and are engrossed in it.   A sufficient proof of it is tafsir Al-Mizan. It ignores clear hadiths and even quotes them sometimes only to oppose them even if they are numerous in transmission, despite both the clear words of Quran are confirmed by those hadiths with little reflection, instead Tabatabai relies on unclear theories and conjecture he has, and then claims he proves all this through Quran by Quran or by reason.  And this held in such high esteem by Shias today. Where a meaning is simple and clear, he will go on about philosophy and delve so deep in it, while the verse can be singled out to support it,  it obviously doesn't when seen in it's proper context.  The unclear Quran we are presenting - will let our enemies rule forever.  Imam Hussain (a) suggested that we unite on clear proofs and leave ambiguity and that if we do so, and we will only do so by abandoning love of Dunya for the sake of God, our enemies won't rule anywhere. This includes and I will be clear, the West. This will bring the 11th point.

11. We don't care to spread our religion.  The reason is quite simple, our faith in it is very low.  When it comes to it's laws, we don't know how to defend it despite both Quran and Ahlulbayt (a) having defended them all sufficiently.  We don't learn the way our Imams (a) speak and convey so to learn from their eloquence and spread the true religion. I'm going to say this and I firmly believe it. We can spread Islam in the west to at least to which 60% of the population accepts it.  It's not hard, it's not difficult.  With a few helpers of Jesus (a) and then more helpers, they spread the truth and were victorious.  We are so lazy in this regard and there is nothing amusing about it.  We think our scholars have done a good job presenting the religion and we don't need it's insights.   Yet we haven't even translated our hadith literature despite all the resources we have in this century to do so. We are so utterly lazy and have a little faith in the strength of the words of Imams (a).   We want religion to be convenient to us and yet are in many ways ashamed to present the religion to others.  We aren't at all those who fear no blame of a blamer in God's way, ,rather, we are satisfied with humans being blind and going to hell and astray while we smile at them and don't at all warn them or advise them sincerely.   We being too afraid of blame of blamers  rather of humanity go to hell and don't realize with some effort, we can and certainly will if we try, bring the world to the Mahdi (a) and Ahlulbayt (a) and the true Majestic CLEAR Quran which is full of proofs and insights and has more signs in it and proofs then there are verses in it.

12.  We are too Sufi like.  Despite how much Quran emphasized on Taqwa and used so many different words for fear (Taqwa not the only one), we quote a hadith that true lovers of God worship God neither out of hope of gain nor fear of hell.  Let me tell you, none of us are ever going to love God to abandon sin for his sake. None of us or we would've been either not brought to this world and be created for paradise like the abiding boys or beautiful ladies of paradise, or we would've been Angels or Prophets. This is not happening. Not happening. Never happening. Get over yourself and fear God.   The other thing is the best form of appreciating God and the best form of love is not hope, it's fear. It's not desiring more, it's fearing losing him and being furthest away from him that you can ever get and be in agony and agony - while he had given us an easy means to get to paradise. Fear of God is the greatest part of love of God. Appreciating and loving God and patience in the way of God is built on two wings - fear and hope.  Hope says I want more of you God.  Fear says I don't want to lose what I've been given from you and of you God.  And when it comes to gaining more pleasure of God or not wanting him to hate you and be forever angry at you and punish you forever out of his wrath, the latter is a better quality. The Quran is also vividly explicit that best gain is Taqwa. Imams (a) have also said that Taqwa from hope (I fear I won't gain you) is valid but the greatest form of hope is out of fear, that is your fear of God motivates you to hope to get out of his wrath and into his pleasure.   There are some people who don't want to give up paradise and want to move forward, and their fear of sins is that it will make them lose gain. This is praiseworthy, but the greatest type hope and fear is the one motivated out disliking being far away from God and earning his wrath and being punished forever in a evil place which as far away as you can get from God.  Mohammad (s) and his Ahlulbayt (a) obviously can't be motivated by this regarding themselves as they are too in love with God to ever do evil, but their love of humans and Jinn is such they fear regarding them hell more then they hope regarding them paradise. In fact, their hope for humans entering paradise is more motivated out of their fear of hell and day of judgment, and it's not the case they fear hell out of the knowledge of how much they lose from closeness to God and gain in the next. Although if there was no hell, and people just disappeared or something, they would fear us missing out for sure, but it's insane. This sufi approach of not enjoining fear has to go.  You have to be either a liar or deceiver to yourself to say this none sense of no fear and no hope just pure love of God and appreciating him worship. It's a lie. Don't deceive yourself. And don't lie to others.   More so, we have gone astray to the extent we deny despite the clearest words of Quran in this regard, the forever perpetual nature of hell.  We go to Sufi "saints" or Philosophers and argue against the clear words of Quran and don't even look at the philosophy of Quran as to why hell is forever. No, ignore all that, and just prove it's not forever based on conjecture of a few idols we have heightened for no valid reason but rather due sorcery of Iblis (most high reputation is due to sorcery and not reality). The Quran in one place has shown that a certain people of the book (certain group of Jews) - had they not deceived themselves hell was temporary, would have not been transgressors with regards to somethings.  In fact, Quran has guaranteed paradise for who fears God. 

By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


If i was the moderator of forum ,would have long muted you for Posting newspaper size nonsense.


If i was the moderator of forum ,would have long muted you for Posting newspaper size nonsense.
The Messengers of children of Israel were rejected because the truth they came with opposed the desires of children of Israel.  Everyone doesn't mind "religion" if it's convenient. It's the reason why there is so many false religions in the world.

The determination for truth - despite God emphasizing on humans to unite on this, and come to an understanding through the help of his divine books and the messages of his Messengers, and unite on the rope of God, is treated as if the most trivial thing.

Let's not unite on truth but pick our own scholars/sect/religion is the moto of humanity.

And people always task Prophets (a) with proofs, and rightly so, but the hypocrisy is the leaders they attribute righteousness and purity to have no proof - and the greatness they see in their own chosen leaders have no proof.

It's fine to ask proof for Ahlulbayt (a), but, there is no possible proof for leadership aside from Ahlulbayt (a).  This is because God attributes purity to who he pleases and chooses for his religion who he pleases, it's not for us to choose or attribute purity by our whims.

That said, it is a mistake and mistake of all past astray nations, that having proven your religion has a founder from God or the books you have are from God, that it means your religion is correct.

So it is a mistake whether you like it or not, to conclude Islam is a correct religion simply by proving Mohammad (s) is a Messenger and Prophet.
By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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