Istaghatha and Tawasul - proof in Quran.

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Istaghatha and Tawasul - proof in Quran.
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The first discussion should lie in following things:

1. What is Mohammad (s) required to do per Quran if for sake of argument he was not a Prophet or God forbid lacked knowledge or was in doubt of God and his religion? You will see Quran says to seek the family of the reminder, those who recited the book before (PRophets), and another verse says explicitly ask the Messengers sent before you. Along with the verses of the unreliability of scholars of Jews and Christians or Christians and Jews as a people to know the religion, there is also verses about the witness and guide in each era.  You will see Quran is explicit in this.

2. Why didn't Mohammad (s) read books? A verse says explicitly that Mohammad (s) didn't read books so that there be no reason for those who accuse him of forgery to do so.  But how did Mohammad (s) know he was to do this before Gabriel (a) came to him? Just like Moses (a) Was guided by Khidr (a) and sought Khidr (a), Mohammad (s) had a hidden guide. That hidden Guide was Elyas (a) and this can also be derived from Quran but this well take a bit more explanation in which we have to pay attention to theme of combos of how chosen ones are mentioned in Quran and exactly where they are mentioned and for what purpose. The point of this, this also something people don't pay attention to.  They despair of the Mahdi (a) guiding them and reading about the life of Mohammad (s), think Mohammad (s) was at one point some sort of Deist or something, but this is not true.  He was guided by the hands of the witness from the children of Israel on earth, which was Elyas (a).  Despite this, the Quran told him to ask the MEssengers (s) sent before him, and so Elyas (a) although alive, was not his only access to guidance of the chosen ones. But Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) aside from this wanted to show, that reading books and relying on scholars is unreliable means of guidance. The main reason of Mohammad (s) not reading was what mentioned in Quran but other reasons hinted in Quran shows, that finding guidance this way is like finding a needle in a haystack.   The Quran although clear is recited in such digusting matter by Muslims that hardly of it's clear signs are realized if any at all by majority.  Majority don't even understand Tawheed which is obvious when they come by the ontological argument and think it's strange and take the western universities stance on it.  They blindly believe in Tawheed and don't grasp why God must be One as a mathematical certainty that is impossible otherwise. The point of this, all our scholars and books of Irfan and what not,  and people are now blind to Tawheed. They might have some mystic sense, but Tawheed was a very mathematical insight that easy to perceive but hard to believe.  We neither perceive the proof of it and we believe in it blindly but not on vision the Quran set out to put.  Mohammad (s) is told to seek help of the Messengers (a) and ask them explicitly if ever doubted Tawheed for a second.   And In Ziyarat we say "whoever unifies God begins with you (Ahlulbayt)" and so the reality is, while Mohammad (s) never doubted, we are indeed in need of Ahlulbayt (a) to grasp Tawheed despite how mathematically easy and intuitive it is, the nature of sorcery of Satan has made the nation blind and people are simply accepting because Quran says so but don't understand the proofs of Quran for it.

3. The context not withstanding the fabrications of hadiths that are in line with the fabrications of the people of the book, of the family that was with Ayub (a) is his chosen Ahlulbayt (a) and the likes of them are the Ahlulbayt (a) of the past.  They were with him in his hardships. And hadiths show Ahlulbayt (a) are with believers in hardship in ease and hardship, in wake and sleep, in sickness and wellbeing.  This will lead the fourth point.

4. The stars in the sky of this world. The highest realm linked to this world is always occupied by a visited house/family. Mohammad (s) and his family (a) taken over, was such, that it changed the game completely for soothsayers.  They also augmented the power of all Angels (a) and so it was a complete game changer and it's one of the reasons the Jinn who came to Islam came to Islam, because they realized the degree of power was too much to be self-acquired.  Christianity, Judaism, and perhaps every religion out there, was hardly given that much attention compared to the amount that Quran gave soothsayers type polytheism lead religion(s).  The arch enemy of Islam is soothsayers type religion, because, their perception of magic nullifies the proofs in form of miracles. If you go to them and believe in their system,  you will believe a different type of Angels and become an enemy of Gabriel.  Not only that, but the Mahdi (a) meeting you will be followed with doubts if he provides miracles, and you will begin to think as sorcerer.  Despite you thinking you would accept miracles, if someone were to ask you to prove that miracles are signs of God and not magic or Jinn possessed abilities, what would you say? You haven't even begin to think of the arguments for it, yet there are so many arguments in Quran for this.  One of them, is the concept of power and light from God in this world, the words of God are with all creation, and so the highest power is in his light on earth and stars of the highest realm.  IT might seem odd but the truth is despite all the miracles of Moses (a) and Mohammad (s), they were accused of being sorcerers.  The arguments for Quran of why the miracles are proofs and signs fell on deaf ears.  And of the arguments by the people of Mohammad (s) and probably the one they relied on to deny him most of the time, is why not Angels (a)? Angels (a) or at least come to verify Mohammad (s) in the open. The discussion of what Angels (a) are, and how they descend, and how they can be verified is also a huge topic. And in that topic, is also the position again of Mohammad (a) and his family (a) as stars of guidance and weapons against Iblis and his forces and place of refuge where you can be safe from Satanic dark forces and their dark magic. 

5. The connector of the signs and to sky - Mohammad (s) is explicitly told to do this if he can... but disbelievers cannot be guided because they will think their vision is intoxicated or some sort of sorcery done on them, most likely in this day and age, they will think they going crazy.  The ladder Ahlulbayt (a) provide is that exact help of God talked about in Suratal Hajj - this is the help of God, and if you think God won't help you this way,  there is really no way for you.   One of the proofs for Messengers and books revealed, is the need of the guide in all times and a way to hold on to him. 

The verses on all this is clear, but you have to read them contextually and not take them out of their place. I can further discuss this if anyone is interested by quoting verses about all these subjects I mentioned.
By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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