Judging by what God revealed and Authority of Ali (a).

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Judging by what God revealed and Authority of Ali (a).
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Someone was asking about why God says for Jews and Christians to judge by their holy books in our times. I wanted to clarify it did not, but also emphasized on Wilayah of Mohammad's (a) family in that respect and especially verse 5:55 in that context so I thought I would post the reply here.


You are referring to the 5th chapter. Pay attention.

The Torah introduces Seth as the one set by God and the books all the way to Gospels are clear in that, the chosen images and guides of God are the means, and those names of God like Samuel (Samuel means name of God) - if humans held on to them, instead of those who named themselves as names of God (called themselves leaders and moral authorities) everything would have been fine.

In fact, the main theses of the Torah is obviously the Wilayah of God's chosen is not to be mixed with fallible leaders who corrupt the religion. It's Strongly emphasizing on God's chosen.

The Torah contains clear Prophecies of Mohammad (s),  Mohammad (s) claimed to not be there is no different then Sunnis claims there is no mention of Imams (a) in Quran. It's bogus and no matter if all humans say it except one, God will not give us an excuse to follow all humans and ignore the one who speaks the truth about that.

The Torah is clear vividly that Mohammad (s) is not a judge and you aren't even allowed to make a person a ruler or judge, but that God is the judge and ruler.  He revealed the Torah so that Prophets judge through in truth for the submitters as well as the religious scholars of law, to judge for both the Prophets of children of Israel were a central axis.

The Quran never said for people of the Torah to judge by the Torah, and people for the gospels to judge by Gospels, pay attention to what it really says and not what Satan tells you it says and what most humans being under dark sorcery believe it says.

It says the Torah was revealed so people of the Torah judge by what God REVEALED.  And that Gospels was revealed so that people of it judge by what God REVEALED,

Yes before Gospels, the books of Anbiya (a) before Isa (a) were to be held on to as the Torah (The  law), but as soon as Gospels come, since it's revelation too and the latest, the Law (Torah) revelation is to be no longer applied but the Gospels since that is God's latest revelation.

Now that Mohammad (s) came and God revealed the Quran to him so that Mohammad (s) judges people with truth, it goes back to the introduction, Torah central theses is about God's revelation and his chosen ones judging by his revelation, and so how can they make Mohammad (s) as the judge, when really, it's God's judgment he is applying and how can they make anyone especially someone they claim is a fake Prophet to be a ruler and judge, when the whole of Torah is to shun away all leaders but those chosen by God and to rely on God through his chosen ones and his holy revelations and believe in the signs and miracles they come with. The purpose of Torah and Gospels then if they are true, should make them make Mohammad (s) the judge because he judges by what God has currently revealed.

To make it even further clear and no doubt that Jews and Christians are not to judge by their religion and that they aren't allowed to, it says, believers not to take the Christians and Jews as authorities as some of them are that to each other. What is meant by authorities is not political here, it means, regarding the Torah and Gospels and laws, and God's moral judgement not to take Christians and Jews as an authority to what it says in those books.  In fact, this was a huge thing,  people sought opinions of Christian and Jewish leaders about what is in the Torah and Gospels about Mohammad (s) saying "they fear regarding their people evil" and so were trying to verify if Mohammad's (s) claims to what those books teach are true and what is still found therein to be true or not.

Naturally, if we love God more then everything else, we would not let scholars of any religion, keep us from truth of his religion nor rely on people who can lead us astray. It's only when we love them more then God really - that we put God's words and teachings at the mercy of humans like ourselves that misguide if we they are held accountable to what they say.

Then it goes us to emphasize our only Authority is in fact God, his Messenger, and those who granted security, those who keep up prayers and give that which purifies while they bow (Imam Ali (a) did this and represented the family of Mohammad (s)).  And whoever gives this authority to God and the Messenger and those granted security, then God's group is they who are successful.

Momin in Quran usually means believer, but when God calls himself a Momin, it means "Granter of security/safety" and almost all translations have that in the verse where God refers to himself as that.

In verse 5:55 and as well as the verse of those who see our deeds, it does not mean believer, but means "granters of security/safety".

And what it means that they already granted safety and security - means - God by taking the covenant with them before this world and through them in the pre-world, are what guarantees success and brings one to paradise and out of hell.

And what it means as continuous (momineen) is that the religion is all means of safety and fear, whether respect to this world or next, it is not concerned with trivial things, but things concerning the well being of humans in terms of security and fear in this world and the next.

There are hadiths that verify this I think if someone can quote them, I believe in the section of al-kafi and chapter - there exists a hadith or two, telling us momin doesn't always mean believer but sometimes means granter of security/safety and is particularly about the Imams (a).

By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the travels in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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