Leadership in Quran.

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Re: Leadership in Quran.
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According to you the whole Quran revolves around the Imamate of Ali & his household.

Yet not even one mention of Ali or any of his offspring.

Quit your deluded illusion of the Quran being one big cryptic riddle.


Re: Leadership in Quran.
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Yet not even one mention of Ali or any of his offspring.

I have proven not only are they mentioned and designated but the whole Quran proves Nubuwa of Mohammad with the philosophy of succession to Mohammad (saw) and Mohammad's Authority with respect to God's Mastery. 

I don't know who you are. I don't. For all, I know you are one the sorcerers who is deceiving humanity. People are not to pay attention to the noise of people, as much of the Quran is telling humanity, the sorcery of devils goes with the noise made by misguided humans who oppose the chosen ones.

While in our dealings and interactions we go by what people say,  Quran shows Bani-Israel for example were following sorcery, it shows to the extent they even left the true Creator for a false one made up by false Prophets in which Elyas (as) had to bring them back to the best of all Creators.

I don't know who or who your scholars are. I don't know who are our scholars are. I don't know. I know the families that were chosen as a means to God and understanding his revelations in the past, were opposed by those who claimed to be pious believing leaders that wish to spread their knowledge and guidance, while their motives - as Quran shows - they were the worst and immersed with devils.

I can't be bothered by the praises of a lost people of their scholars sorry. I don't care who you deem righteous Salaf or righteous today.

I chose to rely on light, and I know while fabrications that darken the light are attributed to the family of the reminder, if I focus my attention on the words they left behind, I will find the wisdom and insights I am looking for.

By God - I cannot be defeated by the likes of you or scholars - for God has helped me with a spirit from him despite my severe sins and disastrous slips.

Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: Leadership in Quran.
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Suratal Hajj

The truth of God and human nature proves judgment day.

If we reflect over our nature and God, we automatically come to believe in judgment day. The same is true of God's guidance which in this Surah we will see is emphasized to be his help.

Who thinks God will not help him....

Indeed to think God will not us or help humans in general is one of the most evil vile things one can attribute to God.

a means connected to the sky.

We saw with the Angels theme and how Mohammad was a means in ascension,  here it is saying if you think God will not help you, let him make a means to God than cut it off, saying it was by the help of God we achieved what we want and than to disbelief in his help and continuing of his connecting us to higher realities is of the worse irrational evils a human can hold.

These two parties fight concerning their Lord.

The ones who believe God guides and helps humanity vs those who wish to disconnect his help and guidance from humanity.

Name of God and one God....

Abraham or Moses or whoever holds the name of God, doesn't change the God reflected through their reminder and illumination.

The captains are captains of the ship because they are the name of God.

The desire of Satan regarding God's recitation cast on the hearts.

All Prophets when they desired guidance and recited, Satan cast a falsehood and tries to do away with the truth of God's Prophet desires.

The false teachings are a trial for hard hearts while those possessing knowledge would know the desire of the Prophet and his recitation clearly through reflecting over its bright signs.

God chooses from Angels And humans Messengers.

Indeed both the hidden and physical intellectual creatures, which beginning of the Surah told us to reflect over our nature from birth to death,  no doubt would have Messengers.

God has chosen you...

He then turns to Ahlulbayt (as) and reminds humanity that they are similarly chosen, and the purpose is to be witnesses on humanity who are guides and leaders as other verses show, and the true kings and so that the Messenger be a witness on them.

Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: Leadership in Quran.
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Suratal Hajj

It was also stated that among humans is who disputes regarding without a book giving light and without knowledge, and whoever takes that person as an authority, they would lead them to the hell.

Indeed humanity picks leaders that are ignorant as opposed to the help from God, and cut off what out to lead them to God.
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: Leadership in Quran.
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Suratal Mominoon

And upon that and upon the ships you are born.

The tree that grows out of Mount Sinai is a lengthy topic with a theme in Quran, but we briefly mention here that it is linked to the issue of leadership without going into details. The ships we are born are also recalled.


Nuh and his ship is than recalled, and people also mocked him, and said why a mortal, why not an Angel, etc but something it recalls is that they accused Nuh of wanting to claim superiority over them.

A Messenger from them was sent.

An unnamed Messenger is talked about in Quran, but the message is the same as other Prophets.

The Chiefs disputed with him.

The chiefs taken by the people disputed with the Prophet, which is nothing new and people followed these leaders as opposed to the Messenger from God....

If you obey a mortal like yourselves indeed you are losers.

There is an irony in that this is true. If you obey a mortal as opposed to God, if you obey people like us, you will be in clear loss. The thing is it was the chiefs who were like the people but were accusing the chosen leaders as being like them and that obeying them would be a loss.

He then sent his Messengers continuously after one another.

The Messengers were sent continuously but that didn't guide humanity at the end, and they were rejected.

Moses and Aaron were sent with his signs and clear authority.

The clear authority Messengers have are by his signs and proofs, yet the people rejected the clear authority for that which was based on falsehood and a fleeting perishing world.

Pharoah and his chiefs

The chiefs again lead people against the true leaders of God.

God gave Moses the book that they may receive guidance and made Isa a sign from God.

The guidance what was it? Obviously, it was linked with Moses' successors all the way to Jesus. But the Signs of God and the true book of Moses was rejected in the name following "those learned" of the teachings of Moses.

This is your path, a single path, so they cut off their authority among themselves.

The path to humanity has always been through his chosen ones, they were mostly Messengers in the past, some non-Messenger Prophets, but they were essentially a course and way to God, and they were all the same path and way to God.

Those who believe in God's Ayat

God's Signs prove the true manifest authority and Isa was such a sign.

Will they not ponder over the word?

The word has clear indications of guidance and leadership but people refuse to ponder over the true religion it proves.

Or do they not know the Messenger

The word manifests who the Messenger and the Messenger manifests what the book is, they go together and cannot be separated.

Most hate the truth.

The people hated the truth and that is why they opposed the Messenger.

Or do you ask them a recompense?

The recompense Mohammad (pbuh&hf) asked was not truly a recompense for any wordly benefit as "The recompense of your Lord is best, and he is the best of those who provide sustenance".

And then explaining what Mohammad (pbuh&hf) really is asking through the recompense he does ask "And verily you call them to a straight path".

That is what truly the wage and reward is, it's from one angle not even a recompense, but really a call to the straight path.

The love of the family of Mohammad hence interwines with the truth of God's manifest proofs and knowing Mohammad and recognizing the way that all Messengers in the past were, one path, one way.

Did you think we created you aimlessly?

The purpose of creation is linked with the exalted true King and God's Lordship and the great throne.  If we acknowledge the exaltedness of God to some degree, we will know God would guide us into his Mastery because valuing him and loving him through his name is above all else.

And going back to he beginning of the Surah, it's by God's Name the believers triumphed.

Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: Leadership in Quran.
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Suratal Noor

Prelude to the light verse.

Almost every religion claims to believe in the light and emphasize on following it and recognizes God is the light of all light in some sense or another, but, before mentioning God is the light of the heavens and the earth, the Quran reminds of how God has given us an example of those before us, and an admonishment.

The problem with the past was in claiming they wished to follow the light but lacked knowledge of "experts", they ended up following people not appointed by God to follow God, and it resulted in disaster.

There are two periods this occurs in, when a leader from God present, in which people mix leadership of non-appointed with appointed leadership and even often oppose the chosen leaders due to the leadership of non-chosen.

The other period is when an apparent guide is absent, in this case, it starts off with "direct" appointed of "none-chosen" by God's chosen, and then is the same, it follows leadership with no proof.

The verse of light in this regards sheds a lot of reminders in this whole discussion.

Quran is light, the words of the Prophets are light, luminosity is supposed to be seen by the heart through reflection on the mind which polishes the hearts vision.

The leaders of Guidance - it is not that they are calling people to follow them with blind vision because then people can attribute them falsehood and people would not be able to distinguish between the false sayings and true sayings.

The light verse.

But this is verse is saying, God, the light of the heavens and the earth, there is no limit to the luminosity of God as such the path to illumination and knowledge is endless.

But in all this, they must hold to the houses/families that God has permitted to be raised. Men who trade doesn't take away them from the remembrance of God.

If they wish to reflect over and concentrate on the way of thinking, God's book and leaders he appointed, are the best to centre one's attention on.

If people mix streams for illumination others, they don't know if they will be guided to the wisdom and illuminate the light in their hearts.

The Quran is saying those houses/families in which in them is remembered his name and has allowed humanity to exalt, they are those who we should look up to.

Leadership even in the sense of who humans should look up to for light and heighten, really, is a position of the chosen ones.

They are the stars in the darkness by which one makes out of the darkness of the night.

The judging issue.

Here we are brought back to a central issue in Quran,   if they wish to obey God and the Messenger, they must refer to his judgment.

Those who turn aside from his judgment aren't true believers.   And what is the judgment of Rasool but light. The Question remains how on to refer to his judgment AFTER his death.

Succession in the earth is as it is in the past.

God promises that righteous believers will succeed the earth just like they succeeded the earth in the past.

And hence, the question is answered.

But there remains a problem, and that is the problem of whan the leader is hidden. Again, the Surah emphasized that Allah [swt] is the light of the heavens and the earth.

Hence recognizing God and the Messenger is linked. The same is true of those who succeed the earth.

And how to recognize light when there is apparent guide is an important question, but the verse of light has answered.

It is saying there is light and God is always the lights of the heavens and the earth, and the light is the means of seeing and being guided.

Even during Rasool time, not everyone was as receptive of light.  Indeed the final family of the families that God has permitted to be risen and his name remembered therein, is Mohammad's family.

Do not hold Messenger's calling...

There were a people who mask themselves, the Quran warns about them, and that a trial might afflict them if they disobey his orders.

They have ulterior motives, and sign of them, is they make the calling of the Messenger like the calling of anyone among them.

This is an important prelude to the Surah that follows, that shows how they belittled Mohammad (pbuh&hf) before.  And it talks about the great position of such servants of God that are chosen and what characteristics they have which are greater and to be honoured more than the standards they put.

And if we recall the wage to be a reminder and call to the straight path,  love is a means of knowing God's light, and glorifying God through his name is through love of his name although his name is not Him, it indeed is linked to him.

Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: Leadership in Quran.
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God is Blessed.

As God is blessed, a Messenger or a leader appointed by him should not be measured by worldly measure, but by the blessedness of God. How do we know God is blessed, well because his name is blessed and is linked to him to the extent it manifests God being blessed.

Mohammad was revealed the book with the name of God

This blessed worshiper of God is, in fact, the key to blessings...but people were so ignorant to the station of the chosen leader and guide of time, they belittled the Messenger of God with all sorts of propaganda.

Other people have helped him.

This was an accusation by disbelievers, that other people helped him, but God condemns their accusations, but why? Let us see why...according to the reply of the Surah.

Who are these people?

They are putting doubt in a conspiracy behind the faith but in fact, it is their leaders who were purposely leading people astray and deceiving them, and were not to be trusted.

Why does he walk in the markets, why not a treasure send down upon that is enchanted...etc.

They were belittling him and making a likeness with themselves and human leaders who lead others astray, but the Quran is saying God is blessed and so his name among creation, is blessed, and to be distinguished from the false leaders and false claims of representing God.

The greatest treasure was ofcourse Mohammad was the straight path, and means to God, the blessed name of God.

See what likeness they have applied to you?

As they couldn't recognize their way and path and leader and guide out of the darkness, they could not recognize the true light, they had no other way to God.   If they search inwardly, they would find Mohammad to be the light, but as they were opposing that very light,  they could not find a way!

Why don't we see the Angels or God?

Why wouldn't God just prove Mohammad through all what Mohammad (pbuh&hf) was seeing, why mask the proof, make it hidden to some regard? If he sees Angels, why not prove that through making us see Angels....

And in that regard the Quran says they are being arrogant and rebelling a great degree. If they wish to see the Angels in a good state, they should reform themselves, because when the unseen reality of Angels becomes manifest to them while unjust, there will be no going back on that day!

Is in this day the MULK is really God's

On this day, it will be seen that God is the True King, the true Master, the one who the true consequences of disobedience lie and the benefits of obedience towards are found.

And we indeed gave Moses the book and we appointed with him his brother a Vicegerent.

The Prophet is emphasized because of the very similar nature with Mohammad. And indeed this is showing this way of God and indeed it is the way of God, had occurred in the past.

They take him for a mockery.

They took Mohammad (pbuh&hf) as a mockery despite his high position.  This shows reputation is not at all a means to know who is who.

Is this the one who God raised as a Messenger.

Indeed, the Quran is showing this was done in the past, and Messengers were belittled in the past.

They will see who is most astray from the path.

Indeed they been so astray, and Satan had infested them with a laughter, that they mocked God's Messenger - saying, is this a person who is a Messenger?

Most of them didn't hear or understand.

Indeed the reason why they could not recognize Mohammad was due to their aversion to listen and understand, they had no will to listen or understand, but rather, were vehement on denying on him by pure mockery.

Every town could have been a raised  a warner

In fact, we saw how they were accusing of him of being helped by others, if so many Leaders of God were leading at the same time,  people would suspect them even more!!!

The love of the family of Mohammad is taking a path to their Lord.

The wage is reminded here, for many reasons. One is that his family are exalted like him and are the way to God like him and it is linked to the Aaronic succession.

Another is that all the ulterior motives of him doing what he is doing, God is telling him to be iaying, I am not telling you just to follow me, indead I am telling you to love my family and hold on to them, and that they are the path, and I know they will face hardships through that, as I faced hardships and other servants of God chosen before me faced hardship.

The other thing is that it goes well with the mention of "God's servants". It means as for the servants of God which you are belitting in all this, which includes Imam Ali who is the Aaron of Mohammad except he is not a Prophet,  and then goes on to describe them.

And the servants of God (who they were belittling when belitting Mohammad)

Indeed all the chosen servants of God which they were belitting through their mockery of Prophet Mohammad, in the past, and those to come (his family were mentioned to be a path to God in 25:57),  were now being honored by God in the best manner.

He was exalting Mohammad and his family, and the Prophets in the past, by these words.

The leaders of the pious and coolness of their eyes.

Indeed in being leaders of the pious they were honoured in ways others were not, and the coolness of their eyes was like the widening of Moses' breast with Aaron, it lied in succession.

In succession of leadership, their hearts were eased, and it was from them offspring they found this coolness of their eyes.

The family of Mohammad are the leaders of the pious, and indeed Moses' did a such prayer regarding Aaron in the past, which is of the primary themes of Quran.

Yet haters of the family of Mohammad forget that emphasis and think this verse cannot be about the family of Mohammad for that reason.
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: Leadership in Quran.
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Some Brief thoughts of what has been mentioned so far.

We see that the Quran can be read heedlessly, but when paid attention to, the view of leadership is central to the religion. Both recognizing those who truly possess authority from us and recognizing the false claimants to that position. Indeed so many false mantles of authority but the authority is God's and he gives his authority to whom he pleases.

He sent Messengers all that they should be obeyed, in other words, they were sent to become leaders who lead by God's permission. That the Prophets be obeyed by God's permission.

We see that they come in groups of chosen families. We see that they pray to be Leaders to the pious and we see examples of this prayer regarding Moses and Aaron.

The reason Moses prayed for Aaron was not a selfish prayer. It was a so people can understand his word AFTER him. For Moses Knew the realms of evil would cast regarding his words and that there would need to a champion from God, a helper God, an authority from God be associated with his affair.

We saw how clear the mention of those who possess the Authority from this nation was through the context of it being mentioned and through the context of the whole Quran.

We saw the context of the "reminder" and it's "family" and the themes in that regard.

The flow in Quran is majestic. We will see the next Surah still has themes on point of the issue of divine leadership vs the evil.
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


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