O beautiful One (poem).

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O beautiful One (poem).
« on: June 24, 2017, 04:40:36 PM »
O beautiful One (Al-Hussain)
Foreseen through heart's ears,
Seeing the revelation as it's meant to be,
You knew the light of Islam the world would not see,
They would know things like we cannot drink beer,
But not the justice, peace, and enlightenment meant for all humanity,
They would know we are to eat halal,
Not eat pork and that our women must wear the Hijaab,
That we aren't allowed to dance and have a ball,
But not understand the reasons at all,
You knew you were most probably our last chance,
That if none of the nine leaders from your offspring were supported as they are meant to be supported,
The connection would not be established,
The vision of Quran distorted,
It's pages urinated by dark magic on the hearts,
Spoken and recited east and west,
The world would never know,
The justice that was best,
Had you only been loved,
Accepted and recognized,
You saw the light of Islam fading,
As you were killed,
You took a risk,
In hope to stop this tragedy,
You saw it all, the chaos,
The likes of Trump coming to power,
The sanctions, the new world order
You knew the Illuminati very well,
The killers of the Prophets of old,
It's no conspiracy theory to me,
I will either die young or see a long life unfold,
Or something between that who knows?
My help I promise,
You once said "Is there a helper who can help us!".
I am at your service,
So empower my sword of my soul,
With rains from your sword,
And write words on it, that open thousand of the other words,
And help me help you,
And your great grandson,
Save this world from the darkness that the dark one wishes to unleash to humanity,
Help me be a helper of the book,
That will usher hope, be a mercy, and be the cure!
At your service O Forever King and Leader, O beautiful One, O Hussain!
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: O beautiful One (poem).
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2017, 08:36:26 PM »
Are you serious? That was awful.

What kind of muslim writes anything about the pages of the Quran being urinated on?

Disgusting, vile & an awful read.


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