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Title: Paraphrasing Ahlulbayt in Quran as brief as I can be.
Post by: Soccer on October 09, 2021, 04:07:34 PM
4:54 emphasizes on greatness of Ahlulbayt (a) of Ibrahim (a) which Quran expands includes ability to move atoms and revive dead to life. 4:59's "from you" says you too been given an Ahlulbayt (a) who are the holders of the True Authority. The conclusions is from language rules that 4:54 and 4:59 contextualize each other.

42:23 says that which you accuse Mohammad (s) of seeking selfish reward in terms of fame, glory, obedience, control, from viewpoint he is false, what is that but really from the viewpoint he is true, but love that includes affection to the kinsfolk chosen by God, and that he does not wish monarchy but rather, he is the means to be good and whoever loves them God will forgive them and appreciate their love and good deeds. 25:57 also emphasizes this is a path to God.

33:33 says to choose Mohammad (s) to wives over the love of the world, "stay in your houses and don't leave him for the world" because you been given he who God has purified in reputation by Quran, and the Quran revelation is only to attribute purity to him and his family and he purifies them an immense purity. Other verses emphasize God attributes purity to who we wishes and is not for humans to do so, but only God manifests the pure. 33:34 says and remember the Quran which proves his purity and shows Prophets (a) were pure, and he manifested his way with Messengers so for you to choose Mohammad (s) and his family (a), and the sustenance of wanting God and his Messenger is that of perpetual home in the next, the everlasting sustenance.

35:32 says God is aware and seeing of his servants so after Mohammad (s) was revealed the book, he has inherited the book to be approached through chosen of his servants, so as for his servants, they are three types: Unjust to themselves, middle way and straight path, and the best of the best in terms of good deeds, and chooses through the last category as that is the great superiority and why God has chosen them to inherit the book and be a means to understand Quran.

25:7 says as for miracles you want to see similar to Messengers of the past, although most have not believed and you probably won't, go ahead ask the family of the reminder if you do not know (the truth) and seek such proofs from them, they will provide it. The Surah Nahl "so ask the family of the reminder" is similar except it means Mohammad (s) been sent to clarify the Quran and so too his family - the family of the reminder - are to be sought for explanation of it.

There is much more to been written. But I will start with this.
Title: Re: Paraphrasing Ahlulbayt in Quran as brief as I can be.
Post by: Mythbuster1 on October 09, 2021, 05:34:59 PM
Write as much nonsense of your stupid theories as you want of atom moving ahlu baith imams yet their is NO PROOF of it nowhere in any of your posts nor above clear from the Quran, Allah swt doesn’t support your devil inspired nonsense it’s batil and you can’t prove it from Quran even if your life depended on it, Quran is haq and defends the wives and the companions more clear than you could find anything remote relating to divine imam leadership.

Assumptions and theories of a mad man at best.

Title: Re: Paraphrasing Ahlulbayt in Quran as brief as I can be.
Post by: Soccer on October 09, 2021, 05:53:52 PM
Your denial isn't proof of anything but your own nature of denial of God's favors.