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Title: Shiism in Quran nutshell
Post by: Soccer on January 15, 2022, 03:13:20 PM

Shiism is based on the following notions:

(1) God continues guidance and leadership in chosen ones after the founders including Mohammad (s) who is the seal of Nabis and associates leaders with every leader.
(2) The succession and chosen ones associated in each other are known as a family of higher type meaning.
(3) Blood and family relationship is favored by God to lessen amount of fake claims to succession and leadership from humans.
(4) There is always an a leader and guide in each era be he hidden or manifest.
(5) The number with respect to covenant taken pertaining by the founder with respect to his successors is always Twelve successors.
(6) The Spiritual station of the household of revelation of the time is such that they weapons against Iblis forces and there in the higher realms (sky) for people to look at, approach, and seek God's sustenance from their luminosity and power.

This was the Creed of Ibrahim (a), and creed of Musa (a) and the religion never changes. Twelver Shiism has been the religion in all times - with a chosen Ahlulbayt in every time.

All these are emphasized in Quran. I will go details of each one.