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Title: Simon and Elyas and WF.
Post by: Soccer on February 22, 2022, 05:04:33 PM

I believe Simon (a) was a successor of Isa (a) outwardly with regards to his leadership, while the inward leadership remained in the chosen from God which was Elyas (a). The outward leadership was to continue till advent of Mohammad (s) by the "church".

Some significant points:

(1) While Simon (a) was assigned by Isa (a),  Simon (a) successors are not infallible and are chosen by the people, and can deviate.  Thus they need to held accountable.
(2) In absence of a public leader from God, we should look for friends of God that are most knowledgeable as far as we know and who are far as we know, morally upright.
(3) Such a leader even if upright, can err and say wrong things. So we should help correct him and not follow everything he says.

Same way, four safirs were not chosen by God, we got use to dealing with people who are appointed by Imam Mahdi (a) and who words are truthful, but their opinion is not infallible.

Then finally, to choose similar people like that for our occurring events.

The question is, how much do we rely on such leaders as opposed to guidance of the chosen leaders? The chosen leaders are the reliable axis and the light to walk by.

And they are by which the outward elected human leader by believers, is to be investigated and held accountable to.

Thus we should become as knowledgeable of Quran and Sunnah as possible so as to hold the current leaders leading accountable to that.

We should also know that being not infallible, they might have erred in their ijtehad. And so correcting them, we need to find a means to do that without causing havoc.

Just as the Church went astray and even to the extent of trinity, the same can happen with the scholars of Shiites. And so we have to hold on them accountable to Quran and Ahlulbayt (a).

Yet we sill need them to lead us to correct understanding.

So it's a mix. Where they prove insights, we take, and where they contradict Quran if they do, we must hold them accountable. Where they ignore hadiths in favor of opinions without proof, we must also hold them to it.

This is also a means by which we allow Imam Mahdi (a) to work with hadiths and people who teach them. If we only speak what we know and follow what we know, and investigate divisions with proofs. And people no longer try to have an opinion on everything but only speak what they know, this gives a better ability of Imam Mahdi (a) to guide all humanity through the narrators and teachers of hadiths in our time.