The belief in Prophets.

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Re: The belief in Prophets.
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@ Abu Muhammad, Do you now see why I made the argument that Jesus would not be returning as a Prophet but a proof and authority? You can see from the post above, it's pretty common that Sunnis equate sealing of Prophethood with sealing divine leadership with no proof and despite their hadiths about Jesus returning and Quran showing so implying otherwise and despite the Mahdi being said to be God's Caliph in hadiths.

There are hadith which say Prophet Isa (as) will be the Calipah too.

Abu Muhammad

Re: The belief in Prophets.
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Then you are attacking the conclusion and not the argument.

Since you believe Prophets had the role of leadership, it should have said that leadership would come to end if it were.

In other were words it should have been clear there would be no chosen leaders after Mohammad that succeed him.  You can't say there is no such thing as chosen leaders in Quran, because that was a primary role Prophets had.

Please don't attack the conclusion or anything related to the conclusion but address the actual argument.

Attacking the conclusion? Your conclusion was point no. 4:

4. Therefore there are divinely chosen leaders after Mohammad who succeed him.

while I was arguing your point no.2:

2. By the same clear wisdom that God told us to for there to be no more Prophets would apply to telling us there are no more divinely chosen leaders after Mohammad that succeed him if there was no more divinely chosen leaders to succeed Mohammad's position.


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