The purity of his chosen ones.

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The purity of his chosen ones.
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In Suratal Auli-Imran it is emphasized that Mariam is purified. But something that indicates that chosen ones are always pure decisively is the prayer of Zakariya. He prays that he is given pure offspring. In another verse we this as paraphrased differently in that he is asking for one that would inherit from him and inherit from the family of Jacob.

We know other believers can be purified but it would not mean they are inheritors and successors to Zakariya.

So this has to refer to constantly having been pure.

Another indication is that Mariam would have no superiority by purity if she wasn't constantly pure over other women who were purified as well.

This indicates that being chosen and being purified constantly in their lives is two sides of the same coin.

What does this mean with respect to Adam and his injustice and sin?

Will "sin" originally misses the mark, and so every state less than the mark of God's mark meant for humanity to submit to and embrace, is a sin.

And anything that doesn't give oneself their due or God their due, is an injustice.

Naturally, Adam disobeyed God's advice and hence missed the mark (sinned) and did a injustice to himself.

But does this mean his act was of an dirty state. Does this mean Adam was ever impure?

I would argue, everything in the Quran shows otherwise.

Adam was exalted and chosen precisely because God knew even if would miss the mark or do injustice to himself, he would by the beautiful names of God entrusted in his holy soul, come back on the path and show an exalted way of repentance.

God trust was not misplaced.

Other Prophets actions are also of the type that they are righteous in nature. None of their actions are not righteous and purely good. It is simple thing to understand that even good acts sometimes miss the mark of what God's Name commands and they miss the mark of his beauty and glory and easy to understand that they can disobey while having good intentions maybe not the intentions suited for their station, but never the less, it is a pure good white intention.

The verse of Nuh's son shows aside from Nuh's son being a disbeliever, he could not be included in the family of Noah since his conduct was other then righteous. That means to be of the family of any one of God's Prophets in the true sense of family and not just the usual sense of the word, one has to have their conduct to be only of a righteous nature.

The truth is the Quran shows the Prophets are in a blessed state, their actions are all of the goodness, though they do sin, disobeyed, and do injustice, this doesn't mean their actions are of an unclean state and that they ever deviated from the pure nature that God has put humanity upon.

Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


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