The Quran is a book of proofs and insights.

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The Quran is a book of proofs and insights.
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Some people think Quran asserts things it doesn't prove.  For example, some people (cursed hearts) that the Quran doesn't prove the notion of hell fire.   For example, an Atheist may believe it's mental bullying the threats of hell but while the Quran is emotional ,and this is true, yet it's preaching is never done without proving what it preaches.

Furthermore, in Nahjul Balagha, Imam Ali (a) is reported and so it should be investigated in Quran if true, that God has not commanded us in anything which we don't know is good and hasn't forbid us in anything that we don't realize is evil.

This means, the Quran is not here to get us to blindly follow.  It's here to provide clear reminders.  When it's teachings become ambiguous, we can blame God's words, or we can say perhaps something else is going on.

My view is with respect the Sorcery, the following are key things to keep in mind:

(1) We come to Quran with attention span of goldfish (which is why Suratal Baqara if you pay attention to it all can even cure ADHD and other mental focus illness but definitely defeat all types of sorcery including almost all forms of mentanl illness as well spiritual diseases).

(2) Even while focusing, there are locks, preventing the easy way of reflecting over it, and the easy way to see the Quran and implications.  This is foremost by seeing examples and stories to not apply to the present or future, but be dead in the past, which is counter to how God explained was the purpose of the stories and examples.

(3) There is not reflecting over clear facts with what is controversial. If we hold on to what is clear, all of it practically becomes clear, and it clarifies itself.

(4) We don't reflect over for example how Quran proves Zina is haram, and we don't reflect at all with respect to how the whole Quran proves it. The Quran is a book that if you use all it's verses, it can prove so many things, but it also has combinations other then using all it's verses.

(5) Not realizing that all aspects of guidance are somehow in Quran, which is why the proper istikhara of Quran, is not to randomly open a page and hope you get guidance out of it, but to actually form a proof with verses of Quran or themes or holistically see a proof, with regard to the subject you are seeking guidance to.

(6) Not using the hadiths of the family of Mohammad (s), the hadiths are hard to accept only due to the nature of faith and disbelief, love and envy, goodness and evil, truth vs black magic, but if you let them sink, they can remove the great blindness upon the Quran and cure the sorcery.

(7) Relying on Ilmel Rijaal... because interpretation of Quran relies on Sunnah and is need of clarification, and we don't know which hadiths are true, we have in turn made Quran at the mercy of human made system and reputation system which we don't know how correct is but blindly follow our forefathers in hope it's strong.  This is true of most Muslims since so few actually go in depth in the study of ilmel rijaal, so ultimately, it's blindly trusting others.  In this way, hadiths that provide insights we may pass over due to given unknown or weak status, and hadiths that are fabrications we might over emphasize when they contradict Quran.  And this is not theory, it is the case, that this has happened and continues to this day.

(8) Attributing God what we don't know is a huge evil per Quran, but we do this so playfully and approach the Quran and religion and Sunnah so playfully,  that the Quran which is suppose to send shivers down our spine and tears of fear, has no effect. We read it thinking we are getting closer to God, but become more entangled in a web of conjecture with respect to it.  We assume to many things because of popular opinions about it and it ceases to guide us as we misguide others with respect to it and God says he doesn't guide who misguides.

(9) The Quran is designed in a way, no other book is designed.  It also shows how the Torah is not just stories, and how meaningful is the revelations of the Prophets of the children of Israel. IT shows where it's still intact and where it has gone wrong.   It has a way of revealing the truth in a way that is contextual but beyond the context, and perpetuates beyond that. It's supreme way of speaking, requires patience and love, if the ego tries to hold on to itself with respect to Quran and impose one's thoughts on it as oppose to learn from it, we perish.    This is God's words "guard (Against) God and God will teach you".

(10) Apathy and delaying striving in God's way and helping God's cause, will make us blind to entire Surahs of Quran, and if you have the slightest love more for house, career, etc, then striving in God's way and don't use career/wealth/family/etc, for the sake of God and pleasing him,  you will not be guided per Quran.  Ultimately, Quran doesn't require you to be a genius to understand it, rather, if you come loving God, it will make the dumbest people into wise geniuses and prove them deepest insights.

(11) The tree of evil in Quran - we been warned not to incline to oppressors. Not only is a must, but we must free our hearts from the supporters of oppressors and those who silently watch by and are apathetic to stopping oppression and joining God's way in reforming the lands and bringing goodness and justice to the world through his religion. 

(12) Don't play a numbers game, the people of the book hated the notion that most of them were evil per Quran, and so could not accept Mohamad (s) for that reason.  Similarly, even if 99.9% of Muslims are condemned per Quran, we must accept the truth and condemn 99.9% to hell if that what is the truth. Yes, it's unfortunate, and we wish majority of humans were good and believe, but appeal to consequence (this would mean majority of Muslims are people of hell consequence) we got to let go of. See what the Quran truly says.

(13) Teaching what we know whatever level we have, even if just to immediate family, will help us increase in knowledge. Whatever you learn, try to spread, and God will reward you with more knowledge.  The Quran will never stop teaching us if we let it and if we love God and the closeness it provide us to God, we ought to spread the insights and intelligence it provided us to others.  Quran is a book that brightens not only the heart, but can bring and augment intelligence to very high levels and provide spiritual weapon and insights. Always seek to replace one level of knowledge with a much higher level knowledge.

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