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Title: The Twelver vs Zaidi debate and 35:32
Post by: Soccer on July 01, 2021, 12:13:47 AM
This is proof the dark sorcery is ever real in blinding humans to proper recitation of Quran and ahadith.

1.  The Quran has talked about chosen ones through out, this should be preferred primary meaning.
2.  The hadith Zaidi is posting themselves say it cannot be the nation of Mohammad (s) because they would per the verses of Quran all be in paradise while this is not the case, and hence it's about Ahlulbayt (A). If it was general offspring of Fatima (a), the same logic applies, not all offspring of Fatima (a) are in paradise, there can be evil ones from her bloodline as well. Read comprehension issues or dark sorcery, I let people decide that.
3. The verse before says "...and God with respect to his servants is aware seeing. Then we inherited the book to those who we chosen from our servants so of them....." The emphasis on servants leaves no room for "them" to be about chosen ones from them, but rather it's clear it's about the servants.
4. "From..." often has a meaning of emergence to that object, for example, Ibrahim (a) says "who follows me is from me" same with "from us Ahlulbayt" with respect to Salman Farsi (a) and ahadith they are quoting.

The Zaidis themselves have a lot good hadiths about Ahlulbayt (a) but it seems like Sunnis they have reading comprehension issues.